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Tape titanium

Tape titanium


Titanium tape has high strength, resistance to corrosion, to corrosion, easy stamped and forged, moreover, it is much easier for many structural metals, can maintain their properties in a wide range of temperatures — from cryogenic -250°C and ending temperature of red-hot steel. Exceptional specific strength, heat resistance, wear resistance, high creep strength make it indispensable in modern industry. On set of merits it is far superior to other materials. It is biologically inert, non-magnetic, and wear during operation is negligible.


Almost the only disadvantage is the high cost. Because of its exceptional properties of titanium require a lot of effort in production. However, despite its high cost, this metal is in high demand in modern industry.


Manufacture of surgical instruments and dentures, thanks to the biological inertness. Titanium tape today almost indispensable in the manufacture of ships, jet aircraft, aircraft, cars. In the twenty-first century without it it’s hard to imagine the electronics, defense industry, chemical and oil and gas industry, modern design. As a rule, it is applied in the facades of buildings and interiors. Despite the high price, the use of such tape is economically justified ease, durability and strength of the products.


Made from grades VT1−00, OT4−0 and VT1−0 thickness of 0.1 — 1 mm and a width of 40−290 mm. the Surface according to GOST 90027 is heat-treated and etched. Chem. the composition of standardized GOST 19807−91. Marking is carried out according to GOST 90027.

Name Mark Standard Cutting
Titanium tape VT1−0, VT1−00, OT4−0 OST1.90027 0,1−0,45x20−220


Stored under cover or in covered warehouses, where there is adequate protection against various mechanical and other damage.

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