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Bismuth solders

Bismuth solders


A solder is a metal or an alloy by which a metallic compound is made in a molten state. The melting point of the solder should be lower than that of the products to be mounted. Later, after cooling down, it will give a lasting connection.


Chemical composition of solders (%)
Solder Sn Sb Pb
POSSU-40−2 In the range from 39 to 41 From 1.5 to 2 rest
POSSU-30−2 In the range from 29 to 31 From 1.5 to 2 rest
POS-40 In the range from 39 to 41 From 0.005 to 0.5 rest
POS-61 61 From 0.005 to 0.5 rest
POS-30 In the range from 29 to 31 From 0.005 to 0.5 rest

The most popular are solders tin-lead brands PIC. The numerical value: 30, 40, 61, etc., reflects the percentage of tin in the alloy.


When assembling couplings using PIC, the connection of the cable strands, the metal sheaths of cables with aluminum, the ends of the tips, lead or brass couplings, ground the metal shells, shields, cable armor in accordance with GOST 1499−70 standards .

— PIC 40 — brazing of brass, iron and copper wires.

— POS30 — brazing of brass, copper, iron, zinc and galvanized sheets, tinplate, radio equipment, electrical wire bandage and flexible hoses.

— PIC 61 — filigree soldering of the finest wires. The high content of tin in it reduces the melting point of the solder.

According to TU 48−0220−62−94, the solder of the brand POC36 contains: zinc — 63%, tin — 36%. It is used to finish the tips, soldering the conductors of cables, it solder metal cable sheath with lead, brass and aluminum couplers; Earth shields, shells and armor cables.

solder Application of

Tinning and soldering of electrical and radio equipment, precision equipment, which has high-sealed seams, printed circuits that do not allow overheating.

It does not contain antimony.


Soldering and tinning of ceramic and metallized parts.

Does not contain antimony.


Soldering of powder materials, parts sensitive to overheating of cermets, as well as for performing step-by-step soldering of capacitors.

It does not contain antimony.

POS40 Soldering and tinning of parts from galvanized sheet metal, which has sealed seams and electrical appliances. Does not contain antimony.
POSSU25−05 Soldering and tinning of radiators. Contains traces of antimony, good soldered galvanized and zinc parts.
POSSu95−5 In the electrical industry they use for soldering pipelines that are designed for heating. Contains antimony.
POM2 Used for low-temperature, soft soldering. Easy-melting solder.
POS30 Produced in the form of pigs wire and round bars, which are filled with flux tubes and powder. Used for tinning and soldering. Does not contain antimony.
POSSU18−05 Perform tinning and soldering the tubes in heat exchangers and electric lamps. Well soldered zinc and galvanized parts. Contains traces of antimony.
POSSU25−2 Applied in the automotive industry. It contains antimony.
POSSu8−3 To perform tinning and soldering in the production of electric lamps. Contains antimony.
POS10 For carrying out tinning and soldering contacts of electrical appliances and relays, as well as for tinning and pouring control plugs of locomotive furnaces. Does not contain in the composition of antimony.
POSSU18−2 Used in the automotive industry. Contains antimony
POSS-40−2 To perform tinning and soldering parts of refrigerators and thin-sheet packaging. Contains antimony. Solder for a wide range of applications.
POSSU10−2 Used in the automotive industry. Contain antimony.
POSSU15−2 Used in the automotive industry. Contain antimony.
POSSSu50−05 It is used to perform tinning and soldering of aircraft radiators, soldering household utensils with further tinning with food tin. Contains traces of antimony, perfectly soldered galvanized and zinc products
POC61M It is used for tinning and soldering very thin (up to 0.2 mm) parts: foil, copper wire, printed circuits in jewelry and radio electronic industry. Does not contain antimony. Doing tinning and soldering in bathrooms and crucibles is not permissible.
POSSSu35−05 Used for tinning and soldering cable lead sheaths, electrotechnical and not particularly critical products and thin-sheet packaging. Contains traces of antimony, perfectly soldered galvanized and zinc parts.
POSSSu61−05 It is used for the production of tinning and soldering elements of all printed circuit boards, electrical equipment, electrical windings, as well as radio parts galvanized with toughened requirements to the temperature level. Contains traces of antimony, perfectly performs the soldering of zinc and galvanized products.
PIC63 For group soldering of printed circuits, soldering on automated lines using a solder wave, dipping with pulling.
POSS4−4 Used in the automotive industry. Contains antimony.
POSSu5−1 Works are used for tinning and soldering parts that work under heating conditions, as well as for tinning tubular radiators. Contains antimony.
POC90 It is widely used for tinning and soldering internal seams of medical equipment and household utensils. Does not contain antimony.
POSSU30−2 It is used for the production of tinning and performing soldering of refrigeration units, in the automotive industry of the electric lamp industry and for performing abrasive soldering. Contains antimony.
POSSu4−6 Used for soldering tinplate, performing tinning and soldering parts with rolled and riveted seams made of copper and brass, for filling car bodies. Contains antimony.
POSSSu30−05 Used for tinning and soldering of sheet zinc and radiators.
POSSSu40−05 Designed for the production of tinning and soldering of tin, electrical windings, soldering of assembly elements, cable and motor products, galvanized parts, radiator tubes and refrigeration plants. Contains traces of antimony, perfectly soldered zinc and galvanized parts.
POSSu35−2 It is intended for soldering lead tubes and for abrasive soldering. Contains antimony.

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