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14 Titan circle, rod, sheet

14 Titan circle, rod, sheet

Characteristics of alloy 14.

Grade: 14
Classification: Titanium alloys
Industrial use: long steel production, manufacturing of ingots and semi-finished products; manufacture of parts spec. equipment, parts of instrument engineering and aviation.

The percentage composition of the alloy 14 in accordance with GOST 19807- -91

Si C Fe Mo Ti N V O Zr Al Impurities
to 0.12 to 0.1 to 0.25 1.8 — 3.5 87.29 — 93.9 to 0.04 0.5 — 2.5 to 0.15 to 0.3 3.5 — 5.6 Other 0.3

Note: the Titan is a basis; it is the percentage specified in the table.

The mechanical characteristics of the alloy 14 (temperature 20°C).

- mm - % MPa - kJ / m2 % MPa
Assortment Size Eg. d5 sT Heat treatment. KCU y blower SB
GOST 27265−87     16−20         490−635

Physical characteristics of the alloy 14.

W/(m·deg) 1/Deg MPa Grad kg/m3 Ohm·m J/(kg·deg)
18.85   E 10 — 5 T r R 10 9 C
  8.2 1.12 20 4505    
l a 10 6   100     540


Mechanical characteristics:

Tensile strength (short-term) in [MPa] blower SB
At break elongation in [ % ] d5
The toughness of the alloy, in [ kJ / m2] KCU
The yield stress at permanent deformation (thinning of proportionality), [MPa] sT
Brinell hardness [MPa] HB
The relative contraction [ % ] y
Physical characteristics of the alloy 14
The temperature at which the received data characteristics, °C 20°C
Coefficient of thermal conductivity at 20 °C [1/ °C] Of 8.37
Density [g/cm3] Of 4.52
The modulus of elasticity of 1 of the kind E [MPa]x10-5 1,1
Specific heat capacity at 200 °C [j/(kg·deg)] 0,544

Limit crackbrain. strength sin [MPa] Rod otogi. GOST 26492−85

to 1080

Limit crackbrain. strength sin [MPa] annealed Plate., GOST 23755−79



weldability with limitations — welding is possible when heated to a temperature of 100−120°C and further heat treatment
without restrictions — welding is carried out without further heat treatment and without heating
hard-welded — to obtain a quality weld, additional operations: during welding -preheating to a temperature of 200−300°C, heat treatment after welding — annealing


First of all, titanium and its alloys are very strong, paramagnetic, quite easily welded and has different properties, which play in technical industries an important role. Advantages of titanium alloys have great prospects of application in industry where high specific strength, heat resistance, combined with high corrosion resistance. It is also important in such industries as food, chemical, aviation, shipbuilding, rocket science, vehicle engineering. Extraordinary characteristics of titanium present great interest as a structural material in spacecraft.


Alloying increases the corrosion resistance of titanium and its strength properties 2−3 times. One of the main alloying elements are aluminium, present in almost all alloys of titanium. The most important alloying components, followed by aluminum are vanadium, molybdenum. High-temperature titanium alloys based on the ternary system — titanium-aluminum-molybdenum, high-strength titanium alloys of the system titanium-aluminum-vanadium. Most modern titanium alloys due to well-established trends multicomponent alloying at the same time in their composition contain aluminium, vanadium, molybdenum.

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