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Vanadium, physical and chemical properties, price, buy in Ukraine - the company Avek Global, Tel: ++38 (056) 370-46-04

Vanadium, physical and chemical properties, price, buy in Ukraine - the company Avek Global, Tel: ++38 (056) 370-46-04

Vanadium — 23-th element of the periodic system, wherein denotes — V. Is a brilliant silvery-gray metal. The valence of +2 +5. The atomic mass is 50.9415. Over 99% of vanadium mineral — it is a solid 51 V. 52 V weakly radioactive isotope has a half-life of more than 3.9x10 17 years.

Physical and chemical properties

It is quite malleable, ductile, solid metal looks like steel. Low boiling point 3400 ° C, t ° melt — about 1920 ° C, density = 6.11 g / cm ³. The crystal lattice of a body-centered cubic 0,3024 nm. Vanadium is a fairly inert chemically. It is not exposed to sea water, dilute alkalis or acids — as hydrochloric, nitric, sulfuric. Reacting a halogen-. With oxygen forms several oxides: V 2 O 3, VO, V 2 O 5, VO 2. Orange V 2 O 5 — acid, dark blue VO 2 — amphoteric, other oxides are basic. Also known VN — nitrite, V 3 Si — silicide, V 2 S — sulfide. Carbide VC — highly refractory melts only at 2800 ° C.


Approximately ¾ of vanadium produced is used as the dopant in the melting wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant superalloys, and also as a component for receiving the magnets. V 2 O 5 — synthesis catalyst is sulfuric acid, accelerates oxidation of sulfur dioxide to sulfur. Other oxides can form resistant pigments, used textile, paint, glass industry.

Types of rental

To date, vanadium car consists of sheets, rods, foils, stripes, strips, tubes, wires, wire micron. Apply such brands as: VnPl-1 BHM-1−1 VN2A, BHM-0, BB-8, BHM-2, GNP-1, IN-8−2 VnPl. Making rods standardized specifications 48−4-374−76. Wires made from 0.3 mm to 3 mm from ingots marks GNP-2 GDP 1.

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A huge range of rare and refractory metals in stock LLC «Avek Global» can satisfy any customer. We erect rod brand BH M-1 produced according to TU 48−4-272−73; plate VnPl-1 (TU 48−4-373−76) Foil (TU 48−4-373−76) tape BHM-0 (TU 48−4-373−76) band brand BHM-0 (TU 48−4-373−76). Absolute respect for all the production technology standards ensures the quality of finished products. Deadline for all orders is minimal. To any questions, experienced managers are ready to give the most comprehensive consultation. By making bulk orders, you can expect to information provided by a flexible system of discounts.