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Magneto-hard alloys

Magneto-hard alloys

Buy a variety of magnetically-hard alloys of domestic or foreign production at affordable prices from the manufacturer offers the company AvekGlob. The supplier makes timely shipment of products to any address specified by the consumer.

General information

Magnetic-hard materials are intended for the manufacture of permanent magnets. Their feature is high values of the following magnetic characteristics:

Coercive force;

Residual magnetization;

Magnetic permeability;

Residual magnetic induction;

Energy, which is given into space;

Coefficient of convexity of the magnetization curve.

At the same time, these alloys should have sufficient mechanical strength, good workability, and also a minor dependence of all the above parameters on the working external temperatures. Being sources of permanent magnetic fields, magnetically-solid alloys are used in various radioelectronic equipment, in automation and mechanization of technological processes, in video and sound recording equipment, in measuring technology and in microelectronics.

Company Avecglob proposes to purchase at different prices of the manufacturer various brands of magnetically-hard alloys in a wide range of profiles and brands. The supplier guarantees the prompt delivery of products to any point determined by the customer.

Overview of the most common magnetically-hard alloys

Neodymium boron-iron magnets are permanent magnets made of neodymium, iron and boron alloy to form the crystal structure of Nd 2 Fe 14 B. They are the strongest type of permanent magnet, and are used in engines, hard drives and magnetic fasteners. The efficiency of such alloys is maintained up to temperatures of 250 ° C. The disadvantage is a low anticorrosive capacity.

Magnets from the alloy of samarium and cobalt have higher temperature characteristics and higher coercivity. However, the alloy

SmCo is brittle, and prone to cracking and chips. To improve performance, the alloy is additionally doped with zirconium and hafnium. Alloys of samarium with cobalt are resistant to oxidation, and retain their efficiency up to 300 ° C.

Alnico refers to iron alloys consisting of iron, aluminum, nickel and cobalt (sometimes titanium and copper are also added). Alnico alloys are ferromagnetic, with high coercivity, and are used to create permanent magnets. The maximum temperature of use of such alloys is 550… 600 0 С.

They are relatively easy to demagnetize and resist oxidation well.

Company Avecglobal sells various brands of magnetically-hard alloys at affordable prices. The supplier ensures the immediate delivery of products to any point agreed by the customer.