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Eurofuel wire, ribbon

Eurofuel wire, ribbon

Advantages of eurofire.

— high electrical resistance and mechanical strength;
— increased resistance to formation of oxide, thermal fatigue, scale at 1200 ° C;
— High corrosion resistance in air, in vacuum, in oxidizing environments.

The main scope of use: drying and firing kilns, resistance elements, high temperature furnaces, industrial heaters, heaters.

Designation CrAl 20 5
Material 1.4725
ASTM In 603 II B *
UNS designation K 92400
Iron The basis
Aluminum 4.6−5.8
Chromium 21.0 — 23.5
Carbon Max 0.05
Silicon Max 0.6
Manganese Max 0.7
Copper ---
Titanium Max 0.6
Nickel Max 0.6
Rest Zr, Max0.3
Rare earth ---
Relative extension > 12%
Number of bends > 5 times
Hardness 200−260 HB
Density 7.1 g / cm³
Specific electrical resistance 1.40 Ohm * mm2 / m
Breaking force 637−784 MPa
Maximum Operating Temperature 1300 ºС
Magnetic properties Magnetene
Melting point, deg 1500 ºС
Dia. From 6.0 mm and higher At the temp. — 1200 ºС Over 3500 hours.
Diameter from 3,0−6,0mm At the temp. — 1150 ºС More than 1800 hours.
Diameter from 1,5−3,0mm At the temp. — 1100 ºС More than 1800 hours.
Diameter from 0,4−1,5mm At the temp. — 1000 ºС Over 900 hours.

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