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Titanium mill products in stock at a good price from the company Avek Global, Tel: ++38 (056) 370-46-04

Titanium mill products in stock at a good price from the company Avek Global, Tel: ++38 (056) 370-46-04

General Characteristics

Titanium mill products is presented in the form of pipes, round, rod, wire, foil, ribbons, sheets, plates, cards, TiC-electrodes. Titan 100 years ago dubbed the «metal of the future», so extraordinary qualities he possessed. Its high strength, low specific weight compared with other materials resistant to corrosion by the action of aggressive media, malleability, ductility make it indispensable in modern industry. Its corrosion resistance higher than that of noble elements, and density can be small compared with the aluminum. Plasticity — comparable to that of copper, and low creep identical stainless steel. He is able to save their properties from -250 ° C to red heat. The exceptional wear resistance, heat resistance, strength to weight ratio — made it an indispensable material of modern science and technology of the XXI century.


The basic production method is the restoration of TiCl 4 at a high temperature magnesium or sodium. Titan hot quickly reacts with atmospheric gases, and therefore, the main purpose of production technologies — mixing contact with the hot metal N 2, O 2, H 2 to a minimum. The main drawback of production — is energy intensity of the process, as well as high cost. Titanium alloys are classified in metal crystal lattice configuration. By the method of treatment are divided into wrought and cast.


Thanks to its exceptional properties of titanium rolled firmly holds a leading position at the forefront of modern industry. Thermal conductivity, low specific weight you can use it in the production of heating equipment. The metal is now in great demand in the cryogenic industry, as is able to maintain high strength at very low temperatures. From it produces the most important parts for machine building, shipbuilding (including the construction of submarines). On the basis of produced alloys for aircraft and rocket.

Scope of titanium is almost unlimited. The biological inertness of it allows you to create structural materials for reconstructive surgery, used in the pharmaceutical and food industry, so it was just a perfect material in the creation of new surgical instruments, and in orthopedics, dentistry — for the production of artificial limbs. It is used to make bullet-proof vests, suitable for modern interior design. Despite the high cost, its use is economically justified ease, longevity and durability of products.

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