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Nickel wire НП2 - nickel 200

Nickel wire НП2 - nickel 200


Ni is a ductile metal with a yellowish sheen. It has resistance to high temperatures, oxygen, moisture, aggressive media. It is used in machine building, but most widely — in instrument engineering and electrical engineering. It is irreplaceable for alloying heat-resistant steels. The wire made of alloy NP-2 is made from Ni 99.5% pure. The remaining 0.5% in the composition — silicon, carbon, magnesium, arsenic, tin, phosphorus. Marking «N» means nickel itself, and «P» means semi-finished product. Wire NP-2 is used in the industry quite often, much more often bars or sheets of the same brand.


Wire NP-2 is made of silicon nickel and nickel alloy with manganese. The first is used in electronics, nickel-manganese — in mercury rectifiers, spark plugs of tractor, aviation and automobile engines. The wire produced in accordance with GOST 2179−75 has high quality requirements. It should have a clean surface without cracks. Minor roughnesses or deviations from the declared diameter are allowed. A thin thread NP-2, as a rule, is made to order, its diameter can reach only a few microns. To produce products of this thickness, high-tech equipment is required. Two types of nickel wire are known: cold worked — made to increase strength under cold pressure or soft, called annealed.

Chemical composition
Ni Si Fe C Mn Cu Mg Zn P S P Pb, Sn, Sb, Bi, As
Basic. ≤0.15 ≤0,1 ≤0,1 ≤0,05 0.1 0.1 ≤0,07 ≤0,0,02 ≤0.005 ≤0,02 To 0.02


Radio engineering, television today can not do without nickel. Of the NP-2 wire, cathodes are made, grids of radio tubes and microwave devices. It can be used as a high-resistance thermocouple wire during thermocouple manufacturing. It is indispensable in electroforming. It can often be found in the mechanisms of EDM, where a controlled decomposition of substances is carried out with the help of an electric current. Nickel sputtering, which prevents corrosion, is also carried out using wire. NP-2. This coating is applied to the product under vacuum. Wire is used as part of mechanisms that operate in a vacuum, and its regular customers are physical research laboratories and institutes. In chemistry, it is used for catalysis, because it is the only possible source of pure nickel for carrying out similar procedures. The production of household and computer equipment can not do without nickel wire, it excludes the appearance of a galvanic pair with other nickel parts.

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