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Bronze round

Bronze round


The bronze round is a solid profile with round cross-section of tin or tin bronze. Properties depend on production method, material state and chemical composition. Manufacturer of bronze round is regulated by the following GOST. 1628−78 — without tin bronze grades БрАЖМц1О-3−1,5, Bramc9−2, БрАЖН1О-4−4, Bcmcs-1 and Brazh9−4. 6511−60 — tin-zinc alloys Бр0ЦС5−5-5, Бр0Ц4−3. 10025−78 — tin-phosphate brands Бр0Ф1О-1 and Бр0Ф7−2. 15835−70 — beryllium alloy Brb2 (for instrumentation and engineering). The range, designed for electrodes in resistance welding machines, is made of chrome alloy Brh1 regulated THAT 48−21−408−86.

Grade of bronze Hardness HB 10-1 t° melting point (°C) σв (MPa)
Brazhn10 4−4 130−150 MPa 1084° 450−830
Broc4−3 150−170 MPa 1045° 430−880
Brb2 130−150 MPa 995° 400−950
Brazh9−4 100−120 MPa 1040° 400−700

Note. The range σ (MPa) is given for soft/hard alloy.


GOST 18175−78 regulates the chemical composition of tin-alloys, which are processed by pressure; GOST 5017−74 — tin. Sampling to determine the chemical. composition is performed on the basis of GOST 24231−80. Quality bronze circle does not have delamination, non-metallic inclusions and voids. On the surface, may be allowed: minor dents, cracks and scratches.

Classification of the bronze circle

According to the method of production:

— hot — pressed (P) is made from tin-types of the bronze;

— drawn or cold-drawn (D). The bronze circle, extruded bronze brand Bcmcs-1 before further processing should be to eliminate internal stress;

— rolled (G).

For precision manufacturing:


— increased;


Denote, respectively, P and N.

By state of material:

of half-hard bronze (P);

--from a hard (On);

-solid (T);

soft (M).

In the form section:





-dimensional multiple length (KD);

-measuring length (MD);

-random length (ND);

-in coils (BT).

Special conditions: dimensional bronze brand circles increased accuracy in length (MP); for treatments on the machines (AB).


Bronze round well is subjected to mechanical processing: drilling, cutting, stamping, milling. After processing on lathes and milling machines the entire surface is perfectly smooth. Flexibility, toughness, ductility, malleability, high level of corrosion resistance, electrical and thermal conductivity make it popular in most sectors of the economy. Especially the circle strong brand Brb2 (About 2-About 5% Nickel and 2% Be). He is widely known not only for its strength (which may further increase additional heat treatment), but also exceptional corrosion resistance and good weldability.


Bronze circles are the perfect blanks for nuts, gears, bushings, spindles, electrodes, shafts, valve parts, gas and water systems, units of various units, structural elements. These are widely demanded for transport engineering (especially shipbuilding, where it is very important to their corrosion resistance), construction, electrical engineering, instrument making.

Diameter in mm Ed.edit The cost
16−100 Rod bronze brand БрАЖН1О-4−4, kg. By appointment
16−100 Protobranchia brand Bcmcs-1, kg. By appointment
5−120 Bronze round brand Bramc9−2, kg By appointment
30−100 Bronze round brand Бр0Ф10−1, kg. By appointment
16−70 Kruglanski brand Brof7−2, kg. By appointment
20−150 Bronze round brand БрАЖМц1О-Z-1,5 kg. By appointment
5−100 Rod bronze brand Brh1, kg. By appointment
5−100 Round bronze brand Brb2, kg. By appointment
20−300 Bronze round brand Бр0ЦС5−5-5, kg. By appointment
16-Z00 Bronze round brand Brazh9−4, kg. By appointment
6−120 Bronze round brand Бр0Ц4−3, kg. By appointment
kind GOST marking Khimich.composition Diameter
Extruded circle 1628 Bramc9−2; Brazh9−4, Bragny-4−4, Brazhnmc9−4-4−1, Bramco-W-1,5. GOST 18175 100−150
Cast the circle 24301−93 БрОЗЦ7С5Н1, БрОЗЦ12С5, БрО5Ц5С57 GOST 613 100−150
Round circle THAT 48−21−249−72 high corrosion resistance Brazhnmc9−4-4−1 GOST 18175 100−150

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