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High purity tantalum - HDTV tantalum hire warehouse at a bargain price, Tel: ++38 (056) 370-46-04

High purity tantalum - HDTV tantalum hire warehouse at a bargain price, Tel: ++38 (056) 370-46-04

History of tantalum

Swedish chemist AG Ekeberg in 1802 of two minerals that have been found in Finland and Sweden, has allocated a new metal, and then it turned out that in its structure contains two distinct elements. After 40 years chemist Rose was able to figure out that the mineral columbite in its composition contains niobium and tantalum. Because of the difficulties in obtaining pure tantalum he was given the name in honor of the Greek hero Tantalus.

The physical properties of tantalum

High-purity tantalum HDTV. Its melting point is 2996 ° C, boiling point of 5300 ° C, pure tantalum metal is steel-gray in color, with a specific gravity of 16.6 g / cm ³. Tantalum, despite its hardness, malleable as gold.

The use of tantalum

Originally used for the manufacture of tantalum wire for incandescent lamps. Currently, it is made of:

Corrosion-resistant and heat-resistant alloys;

-Exchangers for nuclear power (Tantalum of the most resistant of all metals in the melts and vapor of cesium-133);

Corrosion-resistant equipment for the chemical industry, die glassware, crucibles for melting of rare-earth elements, scandium and yttrium;

-Wire and tantalum foil bonded nerves, tissues, sutures in surgery, prosthesis is made of a sheet instead of damaged bones (biologically indifferent tantalum);

-Ammunition — Tantalum lined with shaped charges increases the armor;

-Tantalum carbide and tungsten carbide (melting point 3880 ° C) is manufactured hard metal — CT, heavy duty, and for rotary percussion drilling very strong composites and stone;

-Tantalum — isomer-180m2, accumulates in the nuclear reactor, and with the hafnium-178m2 can be a source of energy and the gamma rays in the development and weapons vehicles.

-Niobium and tantalum electrolytic manufactured high-capacity capacitors;

-In nuclear physics research is indispensable tantalum-182;

-Tantalum — jewelry material, its oxides on the surface to form strong films of different colors.

Extra hard and resistant to oxidation beryllide tantalum in air dotemperatury 1650 ° C, is indispensable in the aerospace sector. Tantalum pentoxide was added in the nuclear power industry glass which absorbs gamma rays. In the glass composition contains: silica and tantalum pentoxide to 2% carbon monoxide, 82% lead oxide and boron oxide — 14%. Tantalum is used in the manufacture of tape «hot valves»: anode, cathode, grids, and other parts of powerful generator, vacuum tubes and rectifiers.

Tantalum rental available:

The wire diameter of 0.5 — 6mm

Tape width of 50 — 150 and a thickness of 0.1 — 1.5 mm.

Sheet sizes and thicknesses 700h1400 1 — 4 mm.

Circle with a diameter of 5 — 50 mm.

Also other forms of deliveries under the order of tantalum products.

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