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Brass tape

Brass tape


Brass tape has a rectangular cross-section and random length. Made by cold or hot rolling. Distinguish between hard, soft, semi-solid tape extra high, high, normal accuracy of production. Tape L68, LS59−1, L63 manufactured according to GOST 2208−2007; L68 (for capsules) — according to GOST 1018−77; L63 (radiator) — GOST 20707−80. Chemical control is normalized to GOST 24231−80.


PG — tapes used in the food industry, GW is normalized by the depth of the extrusion, UM — is made from antimagnetic brass, P — used for the production of radiator fins, T — for the manufacture of radiator tubes, having established standards for hardness, R — has established standards for tensile.


A high degree of adaptability enables the use of a brass strip in the manufacture of capacitors, lead frames, connectors, relays, nepovoljni resistors, caps and other specific elements. For everyday needs are elements of furniture, accessories, various small parts of complex shape. In the automotive industry are elements of sinks from brands L90, L63 (20707−80). Also ribbon is used as a decorative element for building facades, while engraving, the construction of telecommunications networks and plating.

Thickness, mm Ed.edit price
Brass ribbon L63 hard, soft, semi-solid

Oh, 1

About, 2−2

Kg. By appointment
Brass ribbon L68 hard, soft, semi-solid

On, 25


On, 8

On, 82

Kg. By appointment
Tape brass LS59−1 hard, soft, semi-solid
About, 1−2 Kg. By appointment


Brass tape is a very technological product that provides resistance to corrosion, reliability, longevity of use. The tape is perfectly treatable, installation, meets the high technological standards, while being safe in all respects. It is a reliable heat conductive link. After recycling it can be used again.


Products made of brass, not very durable compared to other alloys.

The production of brass strips
Name GOST Tu marking note
Tape brass for various purposes


22О8−91, 1О18−77, 2О7О7 IS EQUAL TO 8,


5169, 8ОЗ6







Л9О, L85, Л8О, L68, Л6З, LS59−1, ЛС6З-Z, Lmc58−2

Standard cutting

About, 5 — 2, Ох1О-6ООхL

Chem.composition GOST 15527−7About

For the manufacture of primers 1О18−77 L68  
Radiator tape 2О7О7 IS EQUAL TO 8 L90, Л6З  
For precision instrument engineering 4442−72 6З LS-Z Brass lead
The marking tapes made of brass
The way PR-VA precision length Persons conditions The state of mater

G hot

D drawn (headnode.)

And normal in width and increased in thickness;

N the normal width and thickness;

In high precision thickness.

P increased in width and thickness;

To increased in width and a normal thickness;

ND random

PS increased accuracy in the camber;

PCS for stamping;

AM antimagnetic;

IG withstand the bend test;

P for the fins,

GW with normalized depth of the extrusion

T for radiator tubes

T solid;

M soft;

N semi-solid;

W spring-solid

On very hard

Rectangular strips are labeled P. R. Brass tape hot rolling is made of brands L63, L68, L80, L85, L90, Lmc58−2, LO62−1, ЛМл58−2, LS59−1. The thickness is from 5 to 25 mm.

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