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Sheet, strip KHN45JU - эп747

Sheet, strip KHN45JU - эп747


Sheet, strip and foil stamps KHN45JU are made of heat-resistant alloy, which is made in open electric furnaces. The composition of finished products fully meet the technical conditions 14−1-2396−78, 14−1-941−74, 14−1-2075−87, 14−1-4082−86 and GOST 5632−72. The alloy comprises a Nickel-44−46%, chromium, 14−16%, iron 30,85 — 38.1 per cent. As additives added to the batch aluminum — 2,9−3,9%, selenium — 0,03%, phosphorus — up to 0.02% manganese, silicon — 1% carbon, barium — less than 0.1% and sulfur — 0,02%.

Manufacture of sheet, strip and foil KHN45JU

Recommended temperature of quenching of the alloy in air or in water not higher than 1200 °C. the Temperature of raskopki flat rolled: first 1150 — 1180 °C, and at the end of — 850 °C. the rolled quenched at a temperature of 1050−1150°C in air. The ribbon and the sheet can be easily welding of any type. For manual electric arc welding used electrodes OzL-35, OzL-25.

KHN45JU sheet produced according to GOST 24982−81 — for hot-rolled and cold-rolled of heat resisting alloys on iron-Nickel and Nickel-based which are melted by an open method. Rolled sheet usually has a thickness of over 1 mm, depending on operating conditions. Flat rolled KHN45JU is sorted by type of edge, flatness, precision rolling. Flatness is a special, superior, normal and high. Accuracy — high and normal. Edge — edged and not edged.


Sheet, strip and foil are widely used in various fields of human activity: in heavy engineering, construction, medical and chemical industry, in the production of Cutlery and tableware. Products of high-temperature alloys are especially needed in such industrial areas where materials with high resistance to thermal overload, for example, in the construction of turbines, motors, combustion chambers, heating units, various furnaces. Heat resistant sheet KHN45JU produce designs and components for space and missile defense. The high content of Nickel, chromium in the alloy enables the products to withstand high temperature (1000°C) and not lose their high resistance to corrosive and acidic environments.

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