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Iodizing Titan

Iodizing Titan

Company AvecGlob sells at affordable prices from the manufacturer of titanium iodide. The supplier ensures the timely delivery of products to any address specified by the consumer.


Titanium iodide TiI 2 is produced in the form of high-purity chemical products — submicron and nanopowders. The iodide compounds are water-soluble; However, iodide-rich solutions act as the best solvents for creating iodide solutions. Iodides are often used for medical purposes.

Standard brands of titanium iodide include military and general technical products, which are used in the food industry, agriculture, optics and pharmaceuticals.


Density, kg / m 3 — 4300;

Melting point, 0 С — 150.

Solubility in water is good.

Company AvecGlob offers to buy at affordable prices from manufacturers of titanium iodide. The supplier guarantees the prompt delivery of the products to any point set by the customer.


Thermal dissociation of titanium iodide produces titanium of high purity. Modern production of titanium develops in the following main directions: reduction of titanium from its oxides and halide compounds; electrolysis and electrolytic waste refining; vacuum distillation of titanium vapor to produce powders of high purity; various methods for grinding titanium sponge and titanium-containing materials, including titanium hydrides, followed by degassing; or a combination of all of the above processes. The reduction of titanium iodides by magnesium, calcium or lithium involves the accumulation of reaction products and their leaching by non-aqueous solutions (alcohol, acetone, etc.), which complicates the technological system for the production of powders and adversely affects their properties.

The titanium sponge is used as an anode, the titanium plate as a cathode and molten NaCl-KCl-TiI x salts as an electrolyte for the production of titanium with a high degree of purity during electrolysis of molten salts at temperatures of 900 ~ 980 ° C. The efficiency of the process is influenced by the stability of the melt temperature of titanium iodide, electrolytic temperatures, concentration, and also the cathode current density from the content of impurities of cathode products.

The results show that the impurities in the product can be controlled when the supply temperature and the electrolyte are higher. The final product-titanium-with a different morphology and degree of purity can be obtained by controlling the concentration of soluble titanium and the current density at the cathode.

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