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Foil Titan

Foil Titan

General characteristics

Titanium foil is one of the most popular types of heat-resistant rolled. It is superior to similar products for durability, lightness, heat resistance. Its surface at high temperature, interacting with atmospheric gases, is coated with a durable protective oxide nitride film. Because the foil has the property of biological inertness, it is used in food industry and medicine, besides it is easy to forging and rolling into a thin layer. Foil has extraordinary strength, and plasticity, identical to the plasticity of copper, low creep — stainless steel. Titanium foil has the ability to withstand prolonged exposure to alkalis, acids and moisture. Having low thermal conductivity and heat resistance, foil can be used for cryogenic cooling. The main disadvantage is high cost. Because of its exceptional properties of titanium require large production costs.

Name Mark Standard Cutting
Titanium foil VT1−0, VT1−00 OST1.90145 0,05−0,08x20−200


The foil of titanium — are the products of hire a very small thickness, generally made of marks VT1−0 and VT1−00. These brands are virtually free of impurities, very plastic. Production is regulated OST 1 90145−74. The marking indicates the firm-developer. W is «VIAM"-Titan. In USA titanium α-alloys are marked with a letter A. V. China α-alloys and technical Titan designated by the letters «TA». Titanium foil has a minimum thickness to 0,013 mm. It is made by cold rolled with subsequent annealing in a vacuum furnace. Chem. the alloy composition is normalized to GOST 19807−74. Sampling for the determination of chemical composition is carried out according to GOST 24231−80.

Thickness, mm Unit Width, mm Price.
foil of titanium VT1−00
0,35 pounds 200 negotiable
0,25 — «- 200 — «-
0,15 — «- 100 — «-


The foil used for electric capacitors (conventional and electrolytic) has impurities of tantalum that improves the quality and increases their capacity. In the manufacture of body armor well-proven Kevlar. Foil made of titanium, consisting of several layers provide the same strength, but much easier. As a biologically inert material titanium foil successfully used in the healthcare industry, such as dental prostheses in dentistry. Resistance to temperature, ductility, corrosion resistance and lightness — do foil, an indispensable material of the XXI century.

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