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Sheet, strip 50N - 50 alloy

Sheet, strip 50N - 50 alloy


The permalloy characterized as iron-Nickel alloys that have relatively high permeability in weak fields. The membership of each alloy to a particular group depends on the degree of shift of the magnetic and electrical properties and quantity of Nickel. Marking 50N indicates that the alloy contains 50% Nickel. Tape and sheet of this steel belong to the category of stainless steel products.


Tape the sheet due to small magnetostriction used in precision instrumentation with stable characteristics in an alternating field. Have small changes in electrical resistance dependent on the strength and direction of the electromagnetic field. Tape, sheet used in the manufacture of transformer plates, elements of magnetic recording heads, in the manufacture of small cores of transformers, chokes, relays, parts of magnetic circuits that operate with the minimum of magnetization at high values of induction.

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