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Pipe 79NM - Magnet 7904

Pipe 79NM - Magnet 7904

general characteristics

Permalloys are characterized as iron-nickel alloys, which have a relatively high permeability in weak fields. By its composition are divided into low-nickel, containing up to 50% Ni and high nickel, containing up to 82% Ni. The precision grade 79HM refers to the latter, containing 78.5−80% Ni. The affiliation of each alloy to a certain group depends on the degree of expression of electromagnetic properties. The grade 79NM has a lower electrical conductivity, but greater corrosion resistance. To enhance the electromagnetic qualities, it is alloyed with elements such as chromium, copper, molybdenum. Melting is carried out in a vacuum or a neutral gas. The sheets and tapes are punched with a cold-rolled method, followed by annealing, to increase the magnetic properties.


Due to the small magnetostriction, this alloy is used in high-precision instruments with a stable characteristic in an alternating electromagnetic field. It has small changes in electrical resistance (not more than 5%), which are determined by the strength and direction of the fields. The alloy grade 79NM is used for making transformer plates, magnetic recording heads, small transformers cores, non-contact relays.

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