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KHN77TJU - ЭИ437А sheet, round, wire

KHN77TJU - ЭИ437А sheet, round, wire

High-temperature alloy KHN77TJU (ЭИ437А) Nickel-based used in the manufacture of turbine blades, rings, discs and various other parts which are operated at a temperature not exceeding 750 °C. the Basic material requirements for the manufacture of turbine blades are subject to the latest developments of the designs of engines, a continuous increase in ductility, resistance to low cycle, thermal fatigue, heat resistance and resistance to gas environments. The material in modern engines, turbine blades must have a high resistance to destruction by heat, low cycle fatigue, which today is the main form of destruction. To worsen the danger of destruction capable of surface reactions due to the weakening of grain boundaries and gas corrosion.

Rod according to GOST 23705−79 — the hardness of the alloy KHN77TJU HB 10 -1 = 255 — 321МПа

KHN77TJU chemical composition according to GOST 5632−72, in percentage.

Pb Si C Fe Mn Ni Cr Al Ti S B Mn P
to 0.001 to 0.6 to 0.07 to 1 to 0.4 70.083 — 77.4 19 — 22 0.6 — 1 2.4 — 2.8 to 0.007 up to 0.003 to 0.4 to 0.015

Mechanical properties at temperatures of 20 °C alloy ХН77Ю.

Products Eg. mm % - kJ / m2 MPa % MPa
- - Size d5 Heat treatment. KCU sT y blower SB
GOST 23705−79, Rod, temp.700 °C     5 Aging, hardening     12 610
Mechanical characteristics:
 — Short-term tensile strength in [MPa] blower SB
 — Yield strength (limit of proportionality) for the residual strain, [MPa] sT
 — at break elongation in [ % ] d5
 — narrowing of the relative in [ % ] y
 — the viscosity of the shock, in [ kJ / m2] KCU
 — Brinell hardness [MPa] HB
Technological characteristics KHN77TJU:
weldability limited  — welding is possible in the process of heating up to temp. 100−120? C and further thermal treatment
konovalivka in order to obtain quality welded joints, it is necessary to perform additional operations: during welding heating up to temp. 200−300°C, heat treatment (annealing) after welding.
Welded without any restrictions  — welding is carried out without further heat treatment and pre-heating.

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