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Nets from non-ferrous metals

Nets from non-ferrous metals

general characteristics

Mesh woven — a universal material used in construction for sifting materials of loose consistency, plastering works. They are used in many branches of industry, agriculture for the filtration of liquid, gaseous substances, the production of conveyor belts.

Use of woven metal cages

— making screens and screens;

— manufacture of filters in the space, aviation, pharmaceutical, automotive, oil and gas industry;

— extraction of minerals, precious metals, purification of clay solutions;

— enrichment of manganese ore;

— production of filters for wells;

— production of such household goods as sieves, cassettes.


Differ by the dimensions of the sides of the cells, the diameter of the wire. There are several types of cells:

— square;

— rectangular;

— filter — without cells in the light.


Special automatic metal-loom lathes are used. The warp threads and weft are intertwined with each other at a right angle, forming a canvas. The base runs along the canvas, the ducks are across the canvas. Woven metal mesh is excellent quality, manufactured in accordance with GOST 3826−82 from stainless or low-carbon alloy. The first — higher quality, have increased resistance to rust, and this is important for any application.

Weave types

— Cloth. It is produced by the method of successive plexing of each wire with a weft with a base;

— Twill. Duck wires and warp threads are weaved in two pieces.

Types of wire for production

— special, thermally treated low-carbon galvanized in groups A and C;

— without coating a special layer.

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