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Stainless steel wire

Stainless steel wire


Stainless steel wire according to the method of processing is divided into bright (without oxide), and blue; precision production high and normal accuracy, physical qualities — plasticity (first, second) class.


High resistance to corrosion in aggressive environments. The most persistent are complex alloy compositions with high percentage of molybdenum, copper, Nickel, silicon. Mark the necessary with a given set of characteristics is selected depending on certain specific conditions (concentration of aggressive factors and temperature).


The most popular is wire Ø 0,13 — 6 the following brands: 17H18N9, 10X17H13M2T (3T), 12X18H9T (10T), 12KH18N9, 304 AISI (08H18N10), 30X13, 12 (20, 40) X13.


Mark 10X17H13M2T has a high corrosion resistance, resistance to chlorides, alkaline solutions and acids. In addition, it features high strength resistance to deformation, high wear resistance, visual appeal. Demanded in engineering, power engineering, oil, chemical, food industry, agriculture, medicine and construction. High Nickel content has марка12Х18Н10Т. It is made of chromium-Nickel steel with addition of titanium, it can be operated at a temperature 400 — 800 °C in the chemical, oil refining industry in equipment resistant to the effects of extreme heat. Mark 20H23N18, very durable and heat-resistant, able to withstand t° to 1100 °C.

Classification welding stainless welding stainless high-temperature corrosion-resistant high-temperature
GOST 06Х19Н9Т 07Х20Н9Г7Т 13Х25Н18 07Х19Н10Б
UNS Er 308 Er 307   Er 347
analogue 06Х19Н9 07Х21Н10Г6    
Physical properties at 20°C
The coefficient of (linear) thermal expansion at a temperature of 100°C 16 [1/Deg] - - -
The density of the material 7850 [kg/m3] kg/m3 - - -
Electrical resistivity 800[Ohm·m] - - -
Classification of alloy corrosion-resistant high-temperature high-temperature Copper-Nickel alloy Copper-Nickel alloy
UNS 310 Er 309 - -
GOST 08KH20N14S2 07CR25NI13 MNGMT Punch-11
Physical properties at 20 °C.
The coefficient of (linear) thermal expansion at 100°C - 16 [1/Deg]
Electrical resistivity - 800 [Ohm·m]
The density of the material - 7850 [kg/m3] kg/m3


  Thickness, mm Diameter, mm Width, mm
Tape 0.1−28   2−1000
Wire   0,1−16,0  

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