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Seal axial expansion joint

Seal axial expansion joint

general characteristics

Packing glands — multifunctional devices are used for many years. These are the oldest compensation devices designed to preserve pipeline technology. They were created especially for steam, thermal water networks designed for a pressure of 1.6 MPa — 2.5 MPa, with a maximum vapor temperature of + 300 ° C and water + 200 ° C. Used for underground laying of heating mains or overhead laying on low supports. Facilitate the compensation of angular and linear movements.


This device consists of two steel pipes having different diameters. The smaller of them is inserted into the larger one. The space formed between these pipes is filled with a stuffing box. On the outside are mounted special devices that restrict movement, prevent the loss of the inner tube. Used thick-walled steel pipes, or welded from several types of sheet steel. For gland packing is used heat-resistant rubber, packing marks AP-31, AP.

Varieties of stuffing boxes

— One-sided. They consist of a movable glass and a shell;

— Two-sided. They consist of two moving glasses, the body is elongated.

Advantages of application

It has small dimensions, relatively high compensating power, small hydraulic resistance. Due to their compact dimensions, they are easily placed in the passageways and chambers. To change the stuffing box or covering, the device is placed in the branch chamber of the pipeline or the heat compensating chamber. It is desirable that such expansion joints be used on rectilinear sections having a large diameter. During installation, all safety requirements must be observed. Installation should be done by professionals.


It is not advisable to use this type of device with frequent changes in compensating sizes or at high pressures. When using them, the possibility of leakage of transported products can not be completely ruled out. In this regard, they are not recommended to use and almost never put where aggressive, toxic or expensive products are pumped.

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