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Sheet plate 10X17H13M2T - 1.4571 - aisi 316Ti

Sheet plate 10X17H13M2T - 1.4571 - aisi 316Ti


Stainless steel sheet 10H17N13M2T made of extremely corrosion-resistant complex alloyed alloys. Mark 10X17H13M2T (analog AISI 316Ti) contains 17% chromium, carbon, — 0.10%, and Nickel — 13% titanium — up to 0.7%, balance is iron. The doping improves heat resistance and heat resistance, ability to withstand the effects of corrosive environments. At increased requirements to the constructive elements, the sheet is subjected to tempering at 1000 — 1100ºС with further cooling in water or air. Stainless steel rolled sheet is divided into sheet and plate. The quality and method of production it is divided into cold rolled, hot rolled and pickled (or decorative). Sheet is available in any modern Metalworking technology. It is possible to apply the grinding, cutting, polishing, as well as any welding technique. Extensive range of sizes produced sheets can facilitate the selection of the most appropriate of the workpiece.

The percentage composition of the alloy GOST 5632−72
Mark C Si Mo   Cr Cu Mn Ni Ti   S P Fe
10X17H13M2T ≤0,1 0,8 2−3   16−18 ≤0.3 mm ≤2 12−14 ≤0,7   0,02 0,035 the rest


Sheet 10X17H13M2T is widely used in construction, automotive, petrochemical, gas processing etc. industries. This sheet is a popular material for making window frames, metal railings, fire rated doors, brackets, trim elements, anti-slip coatings. Lately it is increasingly used by designers as a decorative material. Thanks corrosion resistance, high strength and heat resistance of such a sheet to produce a flue pipe and shut-off valve of high temperature installations for the petrochemical industry. Sheet 10X17H13M2T provides a large supply of mechanical strength, long-lasting and trouble-free equipment operation at a temperature of 700−850ºС.

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