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VT8 titanium round bar, sheet

VT8 titanium round bar, sheet

General characteristics

The titanium alloy VT8 refers to the group α+β alloys. Manufactured according to GOST 19807−74, 90013−81 OST. Alloyed aluminum — 6% and 4.5%V. Aluminum is able to consolidate the α+β phase, the vanadium contributes to the stabilization of β-phase, hinders the formation of superstructure alpha-2 in α-phase. Aging and hardening increase the strength level by 15 — 20% while maintaining a fairly high plasticity. It was later proposed modification of alloy VT8−1, ВТ8М-1, ВТ8М. The optimum combination of properties provides a double and isothermal annealing. The content of β — phase in the annealed alloy is 10%. Alloys of this type are hardened thermally.

Titanium alloy VT8
UD. weight Properties Melting point Application Technology
Of 4.48 g/cm3 A high percentage of aluminum and silicon doping increases the heat resistance and durability in comparison with rafting VT6. Maximum working temp.+480°. Alloy VT8 superior brand brand VT3−1, VT9 ductility, thermal stability manufacturability, fracture toughness. 980−1020° Details of fixtures, including fans. Drives the blades of the low pressure compressors. Deformed satisfactorily in a hot condition. Workability during processing pressure lower than VT6. It is not recommended welding.

Manufacture and dignity of titanium pipe brand VT8

Prefabricated Strength (MPa) Heat treatment KCU j/cm3 Plasticity of δ%
VT8 typical properties 1080 Annealing --- 12%
VT8 pipe hot More than 950 Annealing More than 30 More than 6%
1050 Delivery condition 55 10,5%
1100 950°, 1 hour to 570° 1 h, air 58 9.5% of
1030 920°, 1 hour to 600° for 1 h, air 62 9.7% of

The use of tube VT8

Titanium pipe is widely demanded by modern industry, but most often it is used in chemical industry, oil and gas industry, because it has a high anti-corrosion properties and chemical inertness. Pipe brand VT8 biologically inert, thanks to their use in medicine, pharmaceuticals, and their namagnichennosti significant advantages when mounting in electrical engineering.

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