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Copper round

Copper round

Quality copper round

High thermal and electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance, ease of installation, attractive aesthetic appearance, durability, full compliance with the most stringent sanitary-hygienic requirements. It is characterized by its adaptability, is easily cut, drilled, is available to any type of welding or soldering. It is relatively not expensive, is operable at temperature range from +250°C --200°C. These advantages make it popular in a variety of fields. After recycling, copper is usually used again. Perhaps the only disadvantage of this round — low strength when compared with steel.


The copper circle is of circular cross-section rod (GOST 15З5−91). It is produced from copper marks M1, M1p, M2, M2r, MH, MWR with him. a composition according to GOST 859−2001.

Marking copper round
A method of manufacturing precision material Special conditions

G-hot-deformed (extruded)

D holodnokatny-controller (round steel bars);

N normal,

In high

P increased.

M soft;

T p solid, semi-solid;

AV for artwork processing on the machines;

L soft with increased plasticity

R semi-solid having increased plasticity

Solid with high plasticity.

— KD — length is a multiple dimensional;

— ND — random;

— BT — barrels.

Standard parameters of circles
Diameter in mm Length in m
To 4O 2−5
4O-EQUAL TO 8 1−4
More 1OO Oh, 5−2


Metallurgical industry, Metalworking, machine-building industry. Parts and housings of electrical appliances (round brand M1E), Very often it is used to create a variety of conductive structures. High level of corrosion resistance make copper circle is hardly replaceable in shipbuilding. He is one of the best materials used for the manufacture of various fittings, bolts, shafts, screws, spindles, valves, mechanisms, gas and water systems.

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