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Inconel 617® is 2.4663 - Alloy 617 round, wire, tube

Inconel 617® is 2.4663 - Alloy 617 round, wire, tube

UNS N06617 — Inconel 617

Shopping common names alloy: Inconel 617 ® and Nicrofer ® 617. The composition of the alloy — Nickel, chromium, cobalt and molybdenum. These elements make Inconel 617 ® highly resistant to carburization and oxidation. Semi-finished products of alloy produced by hot forming (at a temperature of not more than 1205°C) and cold forming (до1035ºС). Inconel 617 ® has excellent weldability. The alloy is used for gas pipelines, construction of stationary gas turbines and in aircraft, for example, to the combustion chambers.

Chemical composition of Inconel 617 ®
Mn C P Cr Si S Ni Co Cu Mo Cb+Ta Fe Al Ti In
1,0 0,05−0,15   20−24 1,0 0,015 44,5 min. 10−15 0,5 8−10   3,0 0,8−1,5 0,6 0,006

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