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Card titanium

Card titanium

Characteristics and production of titanium cards

Titan cards are made according to GOST 22178−76 titanium brand VT1−0 and alloys of VT6, VT22, OT4−1, VT5, ПТ7М, OT4−0 with the chemical composition, normalized to GOST 19807−74, 90013−81 OST 1. The selection and preparation of samples for the determination of chemical composition is carried out according to GOST 24231−80. Marking titanium. Titanium alloys are marked — ВТ16, T1, T4, VT5, the designation includes the name of the developer, and the numbers corresponding to the ordinal number of alloy.

Method of manufacture:

card titanium annealed;

card titanium annealed with further prohladnoy and edit.

Standard quality finishes, the normal flatness.

When interacting with oxygen on the titanium surface is formed oxide-nitride solid film which has high corrosion resistance and keeps the temperature up to 500−550 °C temperature.

Metal titanium has the following physicochemical properties:

the conductivity increasing with increasing temperature;

-low specific weight;

-stretchability and ductility of the plate is comparable to copper;

-has the ability to form a very effective alloys;

-has the stability in aggressive media;

-has low creep, similar to those of stainless steel.

Thickness Cutting Ed. measurement Price.
Card titanium VT1−0
0.6 mm 330x500−610 mm kg negotiable
1.5 mm 500x800 mm kg negotiable
1.5 mm 610x790 mm kg negotiable
1.5 mm 500x1000 mm kg negotiable
5 mm 500x550 mm kg negotiable
5 mm 490x550 mm kg negotiable
8 mm 435 x 790 mm kg negotiable
8 mm 540 x 745 mm kg negotiable
12 mm 580x580 mm kg negotiable
25 mm 950x1450 mm kg negotiable
35 mm 190 x 320 mm kg negotiable
Card titanium VT5
3 mm 495 x 1040 mm kg negotiable
Card titanium VT6
2.5 mm 360−450x610 mm kg negotiable
Card VT22 titanium
6 mm 545x1135 mm kg negotiable
Card titanium OT4−0
4 mm 500x700−800 mm kg negotiable
Card titanium OT4−1
0.8 mm 410x570−640 mm kg negotiable
Card titanium ПТ7М
1.2 mm 500x800 mm kg negotiable

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