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Brass hexagon

Brass hexagon


Brass hexagons are made according to GOST 2060−2006 of the brands: LS59−1, L63 (chem. composition — GOST 15527−2004). Control of chemical composition — GOST 24231−80. Share hot and cold hexagons. The first should correspond to GOST 2879−88, cold — GOST 8560−78.


Hexagons can be high, high and normal precision. As material are distinguished: soft, hard, semi-hard. Along the length there are products lengths — MD, ND — random, KD — multiple of gauging length. Additional qualities isolated hexagons: anti-magnetic (AM), improved ductility soft (L), semi-solid improved ductility (f), solid high plasticity (), pressed normal plasticity ©, improved ductility extruded ©. Winding bays is free or ordered layer-by-layer. In the first case, marked with — BT, the second — BU.


Mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, shipbuilding, hydropower, petrochemicals, agro-processing, machine tools. The hexagon serves as a workpiece for the manufacture of nuts, bolts, various designs, matrices and other equipment.

Diameter, mm Unit Price.
Brass hexagon Л6З soft, solid, semisolid
1O, 12,14,16,18,2 OH, 22,24, ZO, Z2 kg. By appointment
Hexagon brass LS59−1 soft, hard, semi-hard
8,1 O, 12,16,2 About, 24, ZO, Z2, З4, P6,4O kg By appointment


Excellent wear resistance, heat conductivity, ductility, corrosion resistance, workability. Hexagon is easy to various kinds of processing and installation of both cold and hot conditions. It is not expensive, can be used after recycling again. All this contributes to the popularity of this product.


Brass is the most durable and heat-resistant material when compared with other alloys. Xia that the material is not the most durable and heat resistant when compared with other alloys.


According to the method of production Accuracy Length Special conditions of manufacturing As material

G gorazadevac-murovannyy

D round steel bars (headnode.)

P increased;

N normal;

In high

KD dimensional;

ND random

BT bays.

AM antimagnetic hexagon,

AV automatic hexagon,

N soft, high plasticity,

On with cut ends,

R semi-high plasticity,

With pressed normal plasticity;

Solid improved ductility,

T extruded high plasticity.

N semi-solid,

M soft (annealed)

T solid.

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