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20X23N18 - 1.4845 - aisi 310S pipe

20X23N18 - 1.4845 - aisi 310S pipe


Steel grade 20H23N18 — complexly alloyed heat-resistant alloy based on iron contains chromium — 22−25% Nickel — 12−15% molybdenum — 0.35 to 0.55% of manganese and 0.2% carbon — 0.2%, silicon — 1%, additives of phosphorus and sulfur — hundredths of a percent. The purpose of alloying is to improve the technological properties of products: heat resistance and heat resistance, the ability to confront aggressive media.


The brand 20H23N18 alloy smelted in electric furnaces of the open type. The semi-hardened at a temperature up to 1200 °C in water or air. Hardening rods carried in air at a temperature of 1050−1150°C. Forging is made at the beginning of the process at a temperature of 1150−1180°C and to the end — about 850 °C. the Main products: tube, wire, sheet, strip and circle. He belongs to the group of heat-resistant materials because of the high Nickel content.

Mechanical properties at 20°C

— the ultimate short-term strength from 590 MPa to 880 (depending on the type of product), decreases with increasing temperature.

— at break of the alloy relative elongation of not more than 40%. In the process of heating to 900 °C shows a maximum degree of elongation is 90%.

— residual deformation for the yield varies depending on the type of hire, not exceeding 300 MPa. Minimum value at 800 °C is 98 MPa, approaching the temperature of 1100 °C it increases to 105 MPa.

— relative narrowing of not more than 50%.

— heat treatment is carried out at a temperature of 980 °C — 1100 °C. the recommended method of quenching in air or in water.

The physical properties of the alloy at 100 °C.

— temperature coefficient or linear expansion is 12.2 [1/Deg].

— modulus of elasticity equal to 2,19 MPa.

— coefficient of thermal conductivity or the heat capacity of the alloy is not more than 14.6 W/(m·deg).

— the density of the alloy is of 8.38 g/cm3, and when the temperature slightly changes.

the resistivity is equal to 1.1 Omhm2/m


Alloy 20H23N18 used in the production of long products and forgings of parts that operate at a temperature not exceeding 1050 °C, in aviation engineering in the production of engines, vanes, tires, parts of combustion chambers. In addition, welding electrodes and wire marks 20H23N18 necessary for welding Nickel alloys in power engineering, metal structures of carbon and stainless steel. The brand 20H23N18 alloy used in the manufacture of flame tubes, thermocouple covers, flues.

The disadvantage of this alloy can be considered its instability to a sulfur-containing environments, leading to embrittlement.

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