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Babbit B16 - Durite

Babbit B16 - Durite

Characteristics of babbit B16

Babbit — an antifriction bearing fusible alloy of antimony with tin and copper, or of antimony, lead, copper and tin, or an alloy based on aluminum and zinc. Antifriction property gives them structure heterogenous — solid particles which serve as supports for bearings, enclosed in a soft core of lead or tin. This will give a uniform fit and pererabatyvaemogo bearings to shafts, small friction and wear resistance. Manufacturer — pig. Brand: B-88, B-16, bn, B-83.

Advantages of babbit B16

  • solids — optimization antifriction qualities;
  • low melting temperature (from 240 to 320°C);
  • special fusible bearing metal;
  • the calculation of the large operating temperatures;
  • increased flexibility when working in 100 °C;
  • speed spins — 60 m/sec;
  • load: 150 kgf/cm2 (static), 500 kgf/cm2*sec (dynamic);
  • the coefficient of friction is 0.25 (without lubricant) 0,006 (with lubrication);
  • the thickness of the fill is greater than 0.99 mm.
  • operating temperature 110 °C above zero;

Disadvantages of babbit B16

  • increased fragility (at room temperature);
  • TRISTANIA and chipping (in case of shock and vibration).

Manufacture of babbit B16

  • the pig (primary material);
  • modern technologies according to GOST 1209−90;
  • chem.composition — surmai tin (15−17%)

The use of babbit B16

  • motor-axial bearings of locomotive, locomotive, steamship
  • bearings turbine;
  • crackable, remove and crank bearings;
  • rolling mill bearings, ball and tube mills, crusher;
  • casting of bearing steam turbines, hydraulic turbines, ship and stationary steam engine, compressor, hoist, electric motor and generator.
Material composition (%)
Grade Fe As Al Pb Cu Sb Zn Sn Bi
B16 ≤0.1 ≤0.3 mm ≤0.01 from 63.34 to 68.5 from 1.5 to 2 from 15 to 17 ≤0.15 from 15 to 17 ≤0.1

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