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10H17N13M3T - эи432 wire, round

10H17N13M3T - эи432 wire, round

General characteristics

Brand 10H17N13M3T (ЭИ432) refers to the type of high-alloyed alloys of the austenitic class. Used in the manufacture of welded equipment for the synthesis of phosphoric, acetic acids, mineral fertilizers. Alloy inert at temperatures up to 100 °C in 50% NaOH solution. It is difficult to replace in the apparatus for the synthesis of ethanolamines. Has a high resistance to intergranular corrosion of the base metal and welds in corrosive environments. Chem. the composition of the alloy 10H17N13M3T

Fe Cr C Mn P Ni Mo S Ti Si
DOS. From 16 to 18 ≤0,1 ≤2 ≤0,035 From 12 to 14 From 3 to 4 ≤0,02 5·S-0,7 ≤0,8


Is smelted in an electric arc furnace. Classified as stainless steel, corrosion-resistant, plain, heat-resistant austenitic steel. It meets the strict requirements of the state standard. Made the following types of rentals: circle, tube, wire, sheet, strip according to the following GOST: 18907−73; 5632−72; 18143−72; 5949−75; 25054−81; 7350−77; 9941−81; 9940−81.

Physical properties at 20°C

· The thermal conductivity is 0,147 · 102 W/(m · K)

· Density 7.8 g/cm3

· Modulus of elasticity of 17.8 · 10 — 4 N/mm2

· Hardness — HB 200 MPa -1

· Resistivity 0.75 Omhm2/m

· The magnetic permeability in a field of 500 OE at the temperature. 20 °C равна1,255 micro Tesla/m

· Specific heat is 0,504 · 103 j/(kg · K).


In forging, rolling and forging in the initial stage of the technological process temperature range equal to 1170 °C, and at the end of the process it is 900 °C. This steel can easily resist cutting. It is welded with manual, gas, electric arc and automatic welding. In the arc welding process uses electrodes EA-400/10U, NIAT-1, VAW-13; for automatic welding — wire SV-04Х19Н11 or SV-06Х19Н10МЗТ fluxes ANF-14, an-26, ANF-6. To protect the welds, apply a final heat treatment.


The manufacture of welded equipment for solutions with increased aggressiveness, for the synthesis of mineral fertilizers, ethanolamines, etc. environments of increased aggressiveness at t° to 80 °C. is Used for the production of welding wire and welding electrodes, demand for connections of fittings, joints in pipelines, repair of equipment that operates in a radioactive environment.

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