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Rolled aluminum

Rolled aluminum


Aluminium along with the bonze and iron occupies the first ranks in terms of popularity. At the moment, it is second only to steel alloys. The modern world — the world of transport and electrical engineering is impossible to imagine without this metal, which in the last century was nicknamed the winged.


This matte light gray metal, which is perfectly treatable. It is flexible and lightweight. Oxide film on the surface, gives corrosion resistance. This is practically the most suitable material for design — it looks very aesthetically pleasing in any combination of materials. It is absolutely not toxic and has high conductivity. For versatility and low cost it surpasses steel:

— it is lighter than steel,

— more technological,

— in the alloy with silicon and magnesium has a unique resistance even in sea water.


The disadvantage is the fact that in strength he is inferior to other metals.


Manufactured tires, wire, strip, sheet, plate, foil, round, profile, pipe, etc. products. Lightness, resistance to corrosion and adaptability make it indispensable in the transport engineering. Popularity in the food industry, justified by its toxicity. High conductivity makes it critically important in electronics. In the domestic sphere and in construction, especially in interior design it is used so often due to the aesthetic appeal, ease, cheapness and adaptability.

Aluminum Bicycle

Name products GOST Additional information
Aluminum tape 13726−97 made from aluminium A5, A6, A7, A0, AD0, AD, AD1, AD00; alloys AB, Amg2, Amg3, AMg5, AMg6, AMC, AMCs, MM, D1, D12, D16, D16T, etc.
Aluminum and duralumin profile and round pipe 23697, 192096, 18482, 18475 pipe duralumin b65, d1, d16, d16t, etc.
Area aluminum 22233−93 aluminum alloys AD31, АД31Т1, АД31Т5 D16, D16T (d16t), etc.
Aluminum strip with a polymer powder coating or anodized 22233−93, 8617−81 alloys of aluminium АД31Т5, АД31Т1, AD31, and others.
Wire of aluminium 7871−75 overhead transmission lines, electrical
Wire aluminum new 14838−78 welding
Aluminum wire 7871−75 for cold heading
Aluminum tire 15176−89 rectangular extruded aluminium busbars used in electrical industry
Aluminum sheet 21631−76 aluminum sheet for General use, checkered plate, perforated sheet and corrugated sheets «quintet»
Aluminum, duralumin plate 17232−99 high or normal accuracy in thickness and with different treatment
Aluminum round 21488−97 of aluminum alloys and anodized aluminum
Aluminum box 23697, 192096, 18482, 18475 rectangular and square based on aluminum profile pipe
Profile aluminum 22233−2001, 8617−81 aluminum alloy
Aluminum channel 22233−93 alloys of aluminium АД31Т5, АД31Т4, АД31Т1, АД31Т, AD31
Aluminum t 22233−93 aluminium profiles (I-beam) single and beam made of alloys AD31 and 1915.

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