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Stainless steel square bar

Stainless steel square bar


Stainless steel square used in industry and civil engineering, is a prefabricated, processed, usually in long products, for example, stripes and structural shapes: beams, channels, rails.


At the blooming mill billet stainless steel crimped hot method. The camp gives you the opportunity to compressing the product in one go up to 120 mm. For the final formation of the products takes 15 — 20 passes. The ingot is first heated to a temperature 1200−1250°C, after which is blooming. If necessary, the workpiece is cut, the horizontal and vertical rolls alternately compress the workpiece. After finishing rolling is carried out the calibration and the final stage of processing. Calibration may be high, elevated, normal accuracy. It accordingly designated by the letters A, B, C, Standard bright bars, stainless steel rolled material has a cross-section of 20 cm in the case that the cross section of the product, more it is produced, indicated as a special order. Final processing of square or other pieces of stainless steel can give the surface Matt, mirror, polished, supersonically. The standard length of the finished product is typically 2000 mm, but if necessary, the enterprise can produce cuts of different size. The plant additionally may be perforation of flat metal, and welding. The final stage is packing in a plastic protective film. Stainless steel products are stored under cover or indoors.

Percentage composition
Mark C Fe   Mo   Ni Mn Ti Si Cr P S Cu Others
12KH18N10T ≤0,12 basis       9−11 ≤2 ≤0,8 ≤0,8 17−19 ≤0,035 ≤0,02 ≤0.3 mm 0,2
08X18H10 ≤0,08 basis       9−11 ≤2 ≤0,5 ≤0,8 17−19 ≤0,035 ≤0,02 ≤0.3 mm 0,2
10Х17Н13М2 ≤0,1 basis   2−3   12−14 ≤2   ≤0,8 16−18 ≤0,035 ≤0,02 ≤0.3 mm 0,3
12H13 0.09 to 0.15 basis       ≤0,6     ≤0,8 12−14 ≤0,035 ≤0,025   0,5
40X13 0,35−0,45 basis         ≤0,8   ≤0,8   ≤0,03 ≤0,025   0,5
08Х17 ≤0,12 basis         ≤1   16−18 ≤0,04 ≤0,03 ≤1 0,5
12X17 ≤0,12 basis           ≤0,8 16−18 ≤0,035 ≤0,025   0,5
20H23N18 ≤0,2 basis       17−20 ≤2   ≤1 22−25 ≤0,035 ≤0,02   0,3

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