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Kopel - CuNi44Mn - Сuprothal® wire

Kopel - CuNi44Mn - Сuprothal® wire

The composition of the alloy

Copel is a copper-Nickel termoelektrodny alloy containing Nickel 43−44%, iron 2−3%, manganese 0.5 percent. The rest is copper. In its properties this alloy is close to the same — Constantan.


Copel has a high resistance to corrosion and heat resistance, without loss of basic properties to withstand temperatures up to 800 °C. the Alloy has a maximum thermoelectric power paired with copper, iron and chromel. The temperature coefficient of electrical resistance is quite low. These are the qualities of that alloy.

Physical properties

The density is 8.9 g/cm3 and melting point is 1290 °C. the Annealing is carried out in the temperature range of 800−850°C, and hot processing at a temperature of 1150 °C. the Ratio of the specific resistance is equal to 0.5 Omhm2/m, and the linear expansion is 14·10-6/°C. At 100 °C thermoelectric power equal to 6.95 V, and at 600 °C increased to 49,0 volts.


Kopel is widely used in pyrometry is often in the form of wire (Ø 0,2 — 3,2 mm), less tape and circle for the production of thermocouples, thermostats and compensation wires. The thermocouple consists of a pair of different conductors, soldered at one end and placed in the environment to measure the temperature (so-called «hot contact») and free the two ends placed in a thermostat (so-called «cold contact»). Due to the doping of the thermocouple of this type can withstand brief exposure to temperatures up to 1300 °C when operating in a hostile environment.

The magnitude of thermo-EMF the first place is the thermocouple Copel — chromel (TCA), which long-term use at temperatures up to 800 °C, second copper-Kopel, after — descending — Copel — iron (up to 760°C). Compensation wire transferred by thermoelectric power to the measuring device. For such wires is used cheaper wire: Constantan, chromel stamps or KM, etc. Copel Copel and Constantan used in measuring electrical appliances for the production standards of resistance.


The most common is mark Kopel Kg, 43−0,5. It is supplied in form of wire (Ø 0,10 — 12,0 mm), circle (Ø 12,0 — 100,0 mm) and ribbons with thickness of 0.1−5.0 mm, width, 3−600 mm.

Alloy Copel Kg, 43−0,5, and its percentage composition
C Fe Ni+Co Si Impurities Cu Mn
≤ 0.1 ≤ 0.15 42.5 — 44 ≤ 0.1 only 0.6 54.4 — 57.4 0.1 — 1
Physical properties at 20 °C Kopel KG, 43−0,5
Hardness, soft alloy HB 10 -1 90 MPa
Melting point: 1285°C
Hardness, hard alloy HB 10 -1 195 MPa
Annealing temperature: 850°C
The temperature of hot processing: 1150°C

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