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VT1-0 titanium grade 2 tube

VT1-0 titanium grade 2 tube


VT1−0 pipe made of titanium alloy of high purity. It is very lightweight, resistant to aggressive environments, corrosion and heat-resistant, can work in the temperature range -253°C to +650° C, has a low density (4,505 g/cm3), low coefficient of thermal expansion, very high plasticity of 20−80% to give the titanium tube of any shape.

Pipe VT1−0 Heat treatment Wall thickness Plasticity of δ% Strength (MPa) KCU j/cm3
Welded Annealing 1.5 to 2 mm More than 15% 392 — 540 ---
Seamless Annealing 1 -4 mm More than 15% 392 — 540 ---
Seamless Annealing 0,5−2 mm More than 20% 392 — 540 --
From cast billets Delivery condition --- 43,9% 409 179
Extruded Hot-pressed 5 -20 mm More than 13% 324 — 540 ---
Of pressed blanks Delivery condition --- 40.3% of the 418 140
Standard technology Delivery condition --- 17,5% 448 ---


The main disadvantage is the high labour intensity of production. Titanium melts only inert gases or vacuum, because the liquid melt can actively interact with any atmospheric gases. Pipe VT1−0 responds poorly to machining, but its strength (390−540 MPa), is the highest among similar alloys.


Pipe VT1−0 is made of welded and seamless cold — and hot-rolled. After the formation of the blank, it is rolled to size and processed. Welded titanium pipes are made from flat steel. Hot rolled and cold — processed thermally.


Chemical industry, oil and gas industry. Pipes brand VT1−0 have high anti-corrosion characteristics, and chemical inertness. They are biologically inert, so they are used in medicine, pharmaceutics, and its namagnichennosti significant advantages when mounting in electrical engineering.

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