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ХН62ВМЮТ - ЭП708 sheet, circle, wire

ХН62ВМЮТ - ЭП708 sheet, circle, wire

general characteristics

The grade of alloy ХН62ВМЮТ-вд (ЭП708-ò) is a heat-resistant steel. Based on 62% nickel and chromium. This is a stably austenitic alloy, which after thermal processing and cooling in the air does not change its structure. The alloy is alloyed with molybdenum, tungsten, aluminum and titanium. High-temperature alloys of this type are widely used in production. They have plasticity, they are easily welded using manual arc welding. Pipes, a circle, a rod and a wire from such alloys are used in the power engineering industry (manufacturing of machines and equipment for power engineering), rocket and space and aviation engineering. For reference: heat resistance is the ability of an alloy to withstand a variety of mechanical stresses at the highest possible temperatures for a certain period of time. If the operating temperature of the metal is less than 600 ° C, the term «heat-resistant» is used. At temperatures above 600 ° C, heat-resistant materials must withstand a stress that can cause deformation, but does not lead to damage.

Use of the alloy

The pipe made of steel ХН62ВМЮТ-сm is used in gas installations operating under high pressure. It is in demand in industrial gas removal systems. Due to its high corrosion resistance, the alloy does not impart impurities to water, it is used in water supply systems. This alloy meets the strictest sanitary standards, due to which it is used in the food and medical industry. Heat resistance makes it possible to use the alloy in engineering, actively used in the elements of aircraft for punching turbine blades. The circle and rod are used in construction and in everyday life. In general, such products can be considered universal. The circle for the strength of rolled products is divided into: high and standard strength (calibrated). A circle and a bar of steel ХН62ВМЮТ-doub are used in construction, machine-tool building in industrial engineering and production of space technology.

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