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Fechral wire x23YuT - 1.4765 - kanthal A-1®

Fechral wire x23YuT - 1.4765 - kanthal A-1®


Fechral wire is an alloy of iron, chromium, aluminum with manganese additives, silicon. Used for the production of heating elements for household electric appliances, industrial electric furnaces is simply irreplaceable. It is also used in convection heaters, heat guns, hair dryers, rheostats, resistors in the production of resistance nodes. A large area of use is due to a significant melting point, increased specific electrical resistance.

The main qualities of X15S05, X23SY5T

Fechral is an ideal alloy combining heat resistance up to 1450 ° C with a significant specific electrical resistance (1.20−1.30 Ohmmm 2 / m), unchanged at the most extreme temperatures. These properties allow the use of an alloy for the manufacture of heating devices. Such wire has a number of other advantages: it has excellent corrosion resistance in vacuum, oxidizing sulfur-, carbon-containing media, argon, in air. It has a small specific gravity of 7,2 g / cm 3, but a high yield point, which allows the use of a wire of minimum diameter, has excellent resistance to mechanical stress. The main advantage of fechrali, of course, is a small cost: 20% of the cost of similar materials. Among the shortcomings of the alloy can only be called its fragility, which significantly complicates the process of producing ribbons and thin wires. This is eliminated with the help of additives of nickel or similar elements, but at the same time, the final cost of the material increases.


Wire for various purposes has a different marking. Fechral wire, which is intended for the production of heating elements, is designated by the letter «H»; For elements of resistance — the letter «C»; For the manufacture of tubular electric heaters — TEN. The diameter of the fecal wire can vary from 0.1 to 10 mm.


Due to the brittleness of the alloy, the cold working method is not applicable. Therefore, for drawing the filament, energy-intensive special technologies are used, which affect the pricing of the alloy. In manufacturing, the method of drawing and pressing is commonly used. In the future, the finished product is rolled up by a coil or wound on a coil for further use.

The thread from the fecal is one of the most popular and preferred materials among industrialists. Winning consumer properties, excellent technical properties, as well as low cost, conquered the metal rolling market. Today, foxhal almost replaced nickel from this segment. Low cost in comparison with nichrome, is due to the use of cheap aluminum, instead of expensive nickel. The cost of the wire depends on the diameter.

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