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Duralumin square

Duralumin square


Duralumin square is made according to GOST 21488−97 normal, high and very high precision of alloy D16, of which the chemical composition of the normalized GOST 4784−97. Control chemical. composition — GOST 24231−80. Square D16 can be made: hot-pressed, annealed, naturally aged and hardened — alloy D16T; distressed and tempered. Its strength may be normal or increased. According to the method of production salaciously. Accuracy, quality of surface finish — standard. After quenching the microstructure should not have any trace of burnout. The tests are carried out after the heat treatment.

The percentage composition of the alloy D 16

Fe Al Cr Mn Cu Zn Mg Si Ti+Zr Impurities
≤0,5 91−94,7 ≤0,1 0,3−0,9 3,8−4,9 ≤0,25 1,2−1,8 ≤0,5 ≤0,2 0,15


Square duralumin D16 turns out very light plastic, perfectly processed, welded by spot welding. After the processing of pure aluminum corrosion resistance is improved significantly it. For hardening are used the most different variants of heat treatment. Due to the annealing of the finished product significantly increases the ductility and machinability by cutting, hardening is achieved by cold deformation.


Square in demand in the engineering industry, fuel sector, construction. This is parts drilling rigs, fragments of aircraft interiors with decorative elements.

Square D16, D16T
Size Ed. izm. Price
10 kg By appointment
12 kg — «-
14 kg — «-
16 kg — «-
20 kg — «-
25 kg — «-
30 kg — «-
35 kg — «-
40 kg — «-
45 kg — «-
50 kg — «-
55 kg — «-
Side, mm Price per kg
Square duralumin D16, D16T
10−55 By appointment

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