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Nitride the steel constructione

Nitride the steel constructione

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Technical specifications

High hardness and wear resistance of nitrided structural steels are provided mainly by nitrides of alloying elements (N, MoN, A1N) However, due to the presence of carbon in alloyed structural steels, nitriding actually produces carnonitride phases


In general, the technological process for the production of nitrided articles from structural steels can be represented in the form of the following successive stages of preliminary heat treatment, the purpose of which is to impart the required mechanical properties to the steel 2) machining the workpiece, including grinding 3) protecting places not subject to nitriding 4) nitriding 5) the final grinding or finishing of the product in accordance with the specified tolerances.


To reduce the duration of nitriding of steels, two-stage processes can be used for the temperature of the first stage of 500−520 ° C, the second for 530−540 ° C, but the hardness of the surface is somewhat reduced, and deformation, mainly of low rigidity, can increase significantly.

Delivery, price

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