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Tape, foil 20KH23N18

Tape, foil 20KH23N18


Strip of steel 20H23N18 widely used in the installation of welded structures in the manufacture of heat exchangers, reactors, operated in aggressive fluids and at elevated temperatures. This tape is popular for welding structures operating in a radioactive environment. Products that are made from stainless tape 20H23N18, provide strength, reliability and durability. It is popular in food industry and in the instrumental medicine. Such ribbon can be used in the production of hot rolled dual-layer corrosion-resistant sheets as a cladding layer.


High-temperature marks 20H23N18 alloy based on iron smelted in open electric arc furnaces. It is a complex alloy alloy, it contains chromium — 22−25% Nickel — 12−15% molybdenum — 0.35 to 0.55% of manganese and 0.2% carbon — 0.2%, silicon — 1%, additives of phosphorus and sulfur — hundredths of a percent. The tape is rolled at a temperature of 1150−1180°C at the beginning of the process and at 850 °C at the end. If necessary, the tape may be subjected to quenching at t º to 1100ºС with further cooling in water or air. This heat treatment promotes the normalization of internal stresses and to increase the strength characteristics.


Tape marks 20H23N18 has a high mechanical strength, heat resistance and heat resistance, corrosion resistance to soil and atmospheric moisture, designed for operation at a temperature of 850 °C. At 20 °C it has the following properties. Limit short-term strength from 880 to 590 MPa (decreases with increasing temperature). When you break the tape elongation is not more than 40%. Density is of 8.38 g/cm3 and when the temperature changed little. Resistivity is equal to 1.1 Omhm2/m.

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