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Buy cheap alloy 08Kh18T1 in Ukraine - the company Avek Global

Buy cheap alloy 08Kh18T1 in Ukraine - the company Avek Global

General Characteristics

Mark 08Kh18T1 refers to chrome alloy ferritic class. Smelted in open arc electric furnaces. Production normalized following GOST 5582−75 and 5632−72, as well as specifications: 14−1-1081−74, 14−1-4035−85 and 14−1-2421−78. Steel is used for the manufacture of welded tubes, as well as in food processing and commercial equipment in the manufacture of cutlery and kitchenware, home appliances, consumer goods products. MOH permitted the use of such steel for the production of parts that are in contact with the wort, wine (up to 24 h) in the manufacture of containers and equipment for the dairy industry and installations for diffusion beet otrasli.Him. 08Kh18T1 alloy composition, in percentage.

Fe Cr C Mn Si S P Ti
DOS. From 17 to 19 ≤ 0,08 ≤ 0,7 ≤ 0,8 ≤ 0,025 ≤ 0,035 0.6 to 1

Physical properties at 20 ° C.

— Thermal conductivity of 0.264x10 ² W / (m · K).

— Specific gravity of 7.7 g / cm 3

— Specific heat capacity 443 J / (kg · K);

— Modulus 21x10 -4 N / mm 2

— Coefficient of linear expansion of 10,6x10 -6 / ° C

— The electrical resistivity of 0.38 — 0.39 Ohm x mm 2 / m

— Hardness — HB 200 MPa-1.

— Induction of saturation is 8−12 kgs


If high requirements to the structure site or recommend hardening mechanism at t º 1000 — 1100 º C with subsequent cooling in water or air. Such heat treatment promotes the normalization of internal stresses in the alloy and increasing the strength characteristics of parts. Metal is easy to drop off and forging. Cold-treated: metal has high strength and ductility in the processing in a cold deformed and hardened steel similarly 12X18H10T.


Steel has a high resistance to oxidation, plasticity, easy deformation, deep-drawing ability, good weldability, which allows to use it in the same hardware as the austenitic chromium-nickel grade. When the temperature is not observed viscosity changes characteristic of brittleness. Biological inertness makes the steel popular in the food industry. According to its mechanical properties, it is more durable and solid material in comparison with the brand 12X18H10T. Scaling occurs at a temperature of 800 ° C. Discoloration is observed when direct heating at temperatures ranging from 550 to 800 ° C.

Corrosion rate

— In humid atmosphere saturated with NH 3 and H 2 S 2, and 0.005 mm / year;

, In solution, H 2 S 2 at saturation 2.5 g / liter — to 0,0135 mm / year;

— An aqueous solution of NH 3, the corrosion rate at t ° C to 20 ° 0.006 mm / year, with 90 ° C — to 0,097 mm / year;

— A mixture of aliphatic hydrocarbons at a temperature of 20−90 ° C to 0,003 mm / year;


08Kh18T1 welding is carried out by means of manual and automatic submerged arc method, used as an additive wire rods 10X18N10T. When rapid cooling is achieved best quality weld. To protect the weld to intergranular corrosion, it is necessary after welding parts subjected to heat treatment. A small thickness of the sheet can be used resistance welding.

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