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Thread nichrome CR20NI80 - 2.4869 - Ni80Cr20

Thread nichrome CR20NI80 - 2.4869 - Ni80Cr20

Benefits of brand CR20NI80

— During long-term operation is not oxidized;
— has high strength;
— heating elements made of nichrome can withstand until the destruction of thousands of on/off cycles.(see the composition of high-temperature metals and nichrome);
— has a low coefficient of thermal expansion.

Marking Ni80Cr20
UNS designation N06003
DIN 17470/17471
Material Feb.69
ALLOY Ni80Cr20
AMS 5676
ASTM ---
The chemical COMPOSITION, (%)
Ni (Nickel) Balance / Base
Cr (Chrome) from 19.0 to 21.0
C (Carbon) not more than 0.8
Fe (Iron) not more than 1.0
Mn (Manganese) not more than 1.0
Cu (Copper) not more than 0.5
Si (Silicon) from 1.0 to 1.5
Ti (Rare Earth) from 0.01 to 0.04
Al (Aluminum) not more than 0.2
The rest ---
Elongation, % > 20
The amount of bending (again) > 7
Hardness from 200 to 260 HB
Density 8,4 g/cm3
The breaking force of the from 637 to 784 MPa
Maximum operating temperature 1200°C
Electrical resistivity 1.09 Ohm*mm2/m
Magnetic properties weakly
The melting temperature, degree (º C) 1400
The life of the nichrome CR20NI80-H
Ø from 6.0 mm At Temp.=1100 ° C more than 4 thousand hours.
Ø from 3.0 to 6.0 mm At Temp.=1050 ° C over 2 thousand hours.
Ø from 1.5 to 3.0 mm At Temp.=1050 ° C over 2 thousand hours.
From Ø 0.4 to 1.5 mm At Temp.=1050 ° C more than 1 thousand hours.

Properties of CR20NI80-H

— high electrical resistance;
— increased resistance to the formation of oxides, thermal fatigue scale at a temperature of 1200ºC;
— high resistance to talismanom.


Kiln drying and firing, high temperature furnaces, resistance elements, industrial heating elements, heaters.

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