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Plate tungsten

Plate tungsten

The supplier Avlob offers to buy a tungsten plate at an economical price. Regular customers can take advantage of discount discounts. The supplier guarantees the timely delivery of products to any specified address. The price is the best in this segment of rental. We invite you to partner cooperation.

Physical properties

Description Notation
The temperature of obtaining these characteristics t ° C 20 ° С
Coefficient of linear thermal expansion α [1 / degree] 43x10−6
The density of the alloy [g / cm3] 19.3
Temporary tensile strength kg / mm2 35
Specific heat (t ° 20 ° C) C [kJ / (kg · deg)] 0.134
Thermal conductivity K [W / (m · K)] 300,173
Specific electrical resistance R Ohmmm2 / m 0.0

The tungsten plate demonstrates exceptional heat resistance and heat resistance, minimal expansion coefficient of temperature, high compression / tension modulus, very high creep resistance, high electrical resistivity, good thermal conductivity. It demonstrates excellent resistance to corrosion, acids, alkalis, even concentrated solutions of sulfuric, nitric, hydrochloric acids, royal vodka.


In closed warehouses or under a canopy, where adequate protection against mechanical and other damages is provided.

Delivery, price

The supplier of tungsten plate from the supplier Avgloft can be at an affordable price. The price is formed on the basis of European production standards. Supplier Avlob offers to buy a tungsten plate of any brand in the range at the optimal price in bulk or at retail. We invite you to partner cooperation.