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VT1-2 - titanium grade 4 circle, rod, sheet

VT1-2 - titanium grade 4 circle, rod, sheet

Characteristics of the alloy grade VT1−2

Grade of titanium alloy: VT1−2
Classification of alloy: Technical Titan
Industrial application of alloy: Manufacture of semi-finished products (sheets, strips, rods, strips, foils, forgings, ingots, forged billets, pipes, plates) by the deformation

Chemical properties of alloy grade VT1−2 percent, according to GOST 19807- -91

O Fe N Ti C Si H Impurities
not more than 0.3 not more than 1.5 not more than 0.15 97.8 — 99.7 not more than 0.1 not more than 0.15 not more than 0.01 other 0.3

Note: the base of the alloy is titanium; the interest of its contents are estimated in the table.

The mechanical characteristics of the alloy grade VT1−2 (temperature 20oC).

Assortment Eg. Size KCU y Heat treatment. d5 sT blower SB
- - mm kJ / m2 % - % MPa MPa
Annealed wire, GOST 26492−85     250 17   8   590−930

Physical characteristics of the alloy grade VT1−2.

1/Deg MPa Grad J/(kg·deg) Ohm·m kg/m3 W/(m·deg)
  1.12 20     4505 18.85
8.2   100 540      
a 10 6 E 10 — 5 T C R 10 9 r l


Mechanical characteristics:

The yield stress at permanent deformation (thinning of proportionality), [MPa] sT
Brinell hardness [MPa] HB
The relative contraction [ % ] y
Tensile strength (short-term) in [MPa] blower SB
At break elongation in [ % ] d5
The toughness of the alloy, in [ kJ / m2] KCU


Physical characteristics:
The temperature at which the received data characteristics, °C 20°C
Coefficient of linear thermal expansion αx106 at 100 °C [1/ °C] 8,2
Density [g/cm3] 4,45
The modulus of elasticity of 1 kind, E [MPa]x10-5 1,12
Specific heat of alloy at 200 °C [j/(kg·deg)] 0,586
Coefficient thermal conductivity), l[W/(m·deg)] Of 8.37
Electrical resistivity, Mhmm2/m 1,6


not limited — welding is carried out without further heat treatment and without heating
weldability with limitations — welding is possible when heated to a temperature of 100−120 °C and further heat treatment
hard-welded — to obtain a quality weld, additional operations: during welding -preheating to a temperature of 200−300°C, heat treatment after welding — annealing

The use of alloy and its properties.

Titanium technical brand VT1−2 is used in the manufacture of chemical reactors, pumps, tanks, pipelines, valves and various other products which are operated in corrosive environments such as chemical engineering etc. Equipment from titanium alloys used in hydrometallurgy of nonferrous metals. Titan technical is intended to cover steel products. The use of this metal gives in many cases a large technical and economic effect. And all this thanks not only to increase the period of operation of the equipment, but also the possibility of intensifying the process (for example, in the hydrometallurgy of Nickel). Having biological harmlessness, titanium is almost indispensable material in the production of equipment for food industry and also for reconstructive surgery. The strength of the metal in the deep cold increases, while maintaining excellent ductility, which allows its use in cryogenic engineering as a construction material.

This metal is highly susceptible to polishing, color anodizing and other methods of surface finishing. Therefore, it is used in the manufacture of various art products. The practical value of all titanium compounds have the borides of titanium and its alloys, which are used in nuclear power plants as inhibitors, due to the large capture cross section of neutrons, and their refractoriness. Titanium carbide, which has high hardness, applied in the composition of tool hard alloys used in the manufacture of cutting tools as an abrasive material. The halides of titanium, silicides of titanium, oxides of titanium, used in the technique of high temperatures

Price. To buy.

Titanium mill products, which is implemented by LLC «AVEK global» titanium VT1−2 is able to fully satisfy any demands of customers. The popularity of the products this type of titanium alloy, due to the high quality products, its real value and great variety. Produced by our company all products of this alloy, is under absolute control at any production stage, thus ensuring 100% guarantee of the quality of steel products. The company «AVEK global» has all possibilities for production of quality products customized, non-standard options and different sizes. The technological capabilities of all stages of production allow to ensure the production of the individual order in the absence of the desired product as standard, and, if necessary, in another embodiment of metal products.