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General characteristics

Bronze is an alloy based on copper, in which the main alloying ingredient is tin. In composition there are additives of aluminum, beryllium or other elements such as phosphorus, aluminium, zinc, lead. With the exception of the be alloy of copper and zinc (in this case brass) and alloys of copper with Nickel. Alloys of copper without tin: one of the most popular of aluminum bronze, as well as (Cu-Zn) and brass (Cu-Ni) Constantan, but they are not bronze.

Tin bronze

Tin is the second component in the alloy, the copper first. The third component may be: zinc, aluminium, arsenic, or others. This bronze is the most used. Mankind produces it since the days of Ancient Egypt. A very long time, it was a strategic defense material. Until the nineteenth century it was cast cannon. Consists of tin and copper (usually copper). This metal became one of the first cultivated by man. Compared to copper it has more advantages, for example, hardness, workability, strength. The creation of bronze was opened before the humanity a lot of different possibilities, which are used until today.

Properties of bronze

Tin bronze is treated badly pressure, sharpening or cutting. It is therefore considered casting metal. By casting qualities it is comparable to other metals. Bronze has a high resistance against corrosion and anti-friction properties. Can be used for parts or moving mechanisms in the chemical industry for the manufacture of the valve. Lead, phosphorus can improve the sliding properties. Tin bronze can also legirovanija zinc, Nickel, aluminum, arsenic. The addition of zinc to eleven percent does not change the characteristics of bronze, but much cheaper. Bronze with additives of zinc is called «the Admiralty», it is considered well protected from corrosion in sea water.

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