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CuZn28Sn1 - C44300 sheet, strip, pipe

CuZn28Sn1 - C44300 sheet, strip, pipe

Supplier — AvekGlob company — offers at reasonable prices from the manufacturer a sheet, tape, pipe, made of brass CuZn28Sn1 (C44300). The supplier guarantees the timely delivery of products to any address specified by the consumer /

Technical specifications

Copper-zinc alloy of the brand CuZn28Sn1 (other designation — C44300) — brass, which has an increased percentage of tin. It belongs to the group of the so-called. «Admiralty» brass, and has good corrosion resistance in chloride-containing media, which, due to the presence of nickel, is retained when the alloy is heated to temperatures of 250… 300 0 C. The alloy exhibits weak ferromagnetic properties.

Urgency of application

Typical products that are made of brass CuZn28Sn1 (C44300) — plugs for condensers and heat exchangers, evaporator circuit casings, purge heat exchanger boilers, air coolers, condenser seals, steam ejectors of turbines, oil coolers, parts for heating oil and compressed air, bushings pumping units of oil wells, etc. This brass is also used in marine, electrical (connectors, contacts) and nuclear industry.

Chemical composition

The composition of brass of the brand CuZn28Sn1 (C44300) in accordance with the technical requirements of the ASTM B151 and DIN EN 17660 standards includes:

Copper (70… 73%);

Tin — 0,9… 1.2%;

Iron — up to 0,07%;

Nickel — up to 0.06%;

Zinc (3… 4%);

Impurities (aluminum and arsenic, with a total content of not more than 0.1%).

The industrial purity of copper used in the production of this alloy is not less than 99.6%.

Physical and mechanical properties

  • density, kg / m 3 — 8500;
  • melting point, 0 С — 890… 920;
  • coefficient of thermal expansion in the temperature range 20… 100 0 С, μm / deg — 7;
  • specific heat, J / kggrad — 89.5;
  • coefficient of thermal conductivity at room temperature, W / mgrad — 125;
  • hardness in Brinell, HB — no more than 91;
  • limit of temporary resistance, MPa — 295… 300;
  • yield strength, MPa — 155… 160;
  • modulus of elasticity, GPa — 110;
  • permissible tensile elongation,% — 25.

Assortment and application features

The sheet, tape and pipe from the material under consideration are produced in a wide range of sizes, cross-sectional areas and lengths. Brass CuZn28Sn1 (C44300), with an abundant supply of lubricant to mechanical friction surfaces, contributes to a significant reduction in the coefficient of friction.

Supplier — the company AvekGlob — offers to purchase a sheet, tape or pipe, which are made of brass of the brand CuZn28Sn1 (C44300). Products can be bought at a price formed on the basis of European and world standards of production. Implementation is possible in bulk and retail, for regular customers, a flexible system of discounts operates.