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Babbit B88 - Nickel Genuine babbit

Babbit B88 - Nickel Genuine babbit

Advantages of Babbit B86

These «tin» babbitts, in comparison with a similar alloy, have the highest antifriction properties, an indicator of wear and tear, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and thermal conductivity. Contain these alloys in soft bases with a solid inclusion with the following index:

· HB 13−32;

· Filling of 380−420 ° C;

· Increased plasticity at 100 ° C (HB from 9 to 24);

· The thickness of the fills from 1 mm.

Disadvantages of Babbit B88

The most complex and expensive babbitt alloy.

Material composition (%)
Alloy Brand Fe As Al Pb Cu Sb Zn Sn Bi
B83 ≤0.05 ≤0,05 ≤0.005 Up to 0,1 From 2.5 to 3.5 From 7.3 to 7.8 ≤0.005 From 86.99 to 89.25 ≤0.05

· Manufacturing in the form of pigs in accordance with GOST 1320−74;

The composition Sn is given averaged.

Application Babbit B88

· Use in bearings and friction parts;

· Work at high speed, high dynamic load of calm-shock types;

· Filling 380−420 ° C

· Turbine bearing, crosshead, frame and crank bearing of high-speed diesel;

· Supporting bearing of a propeller shaft;

· Turbocharger, turbo pumps, compressor of 500 hp;

· Bearing of ship and stationary steam engine ≥500 kW;

· Bearing of heavy machine-building units at t up to 70 ° C, P up to 20,000 kPa, ω up to 50 m / s;

· Eccentric cone crusher of large crushing;

· Bearing of high speed gear cage.

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