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Nichrome mesh woven

Nichrome mesh woven

Nichrome net cloth

Everyone saw a mosquito net made of polymer materials. But if you use nichrome wire instead of nylon threads (an alloy of nickel with chromium, which is usually used for heating elements of electrical appliances), you will get a woven nichrome mesh.


For production, wire Ø from 0,8 mm of grades Х20Н80 and Х15Н60 is usually used depending on the field of application.

Chemical composition of alloy Kh20N80.

Ni Cr C Fe Al Mo Mn N P S Si Ti
72.65−79.1 20−23 ≤0,1 ≤1,5 ≤0.2 --- ≤0,7 --- ≤0,035 ≤0,03 0.9−1.5 ≤0.3

Chemical composition of alloy Х15Н60.

Ni Cr C Fe Al Mo Mn N P S Si Ti
55−61 15−18 ≤0.15 17.3−29.3. ≤0.2 --- ≤1,5 --- ≤0,035 ≤0,02 0.8−1.5 ≤0.3

Nichrome woven mesh is also manufactured as a fabric in a weaving factory. By the form of weaving, they distinguish between lace, twill, linen. In the first case, the warp threads of the warp (going along the web) are thicker than the weft wires (transverse), the latter being located close to each other. This produces zero cells. Twilled braiding implies the interweaving of every third wire into the canvas. In the linen alternate wire warp and weft. For each specific application, the appropriate weaving method is used. It is usually delivered in 1 — 2 meter wide rolls.


High heat resistance, corrosion resistance, high electrical resistance. The heat resistance determines the use of this material as a substrate for heat treatment of metals, such as quenching, tempering, normalization. It should be noted also the crypto-stability — resistance to deformation under the action of high temperatures. This is especially important in the production of ceramics, the sintering of which occurs with strong heating. The maximum use temperature of nichrome meshes reaches 1500 ° C.


Depending on the method of weaving, the thickness of wires and the size of the cells, the grids are used as filter elements for gases or liquids at high temperatures. Consistently placed weave sieves in order of decreasing the size of the cells allow the fractional separation of loose masses to be carried out, and an appropriate analysis should be made. Nitric oxide sieves are indispensable in the production of nitric acid. Of these, catalysts are manufactured in a multi-stage production cycle. No other material can be used as a mesh heating element at 1200 ° C in air. This material is unique. The development of technologies will constantly expand the field of its application.

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