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Powder metal

Powder metal


Today, the metal powders are often used the newest technology there, where the pure metal is difficult to implement, or impossible, for example, in powder metallurgy. Depending on the composition, the powder can be used in various fields of modern industry. The price will surprise You.

Molybdenum powder

Mo — 42-th element of the periodic table Dmitri Mendeleev. This is an extremely refractory metal light gray. It is usually used as an additive to heat-resistant alloys to improve their technological properties. It has a density of about 10.2 g/cm3, t melting = 2620 degrees, and the boiling point is about 4630 degrees. Among various products made of metal (wire, sheet, circle) great application has a powder brand mpch with a molybdenum content of not less than 99.5%. 92 percent of the powder granule size of 5 microns. Usually it is a raw material for further production. The methods of powder metallurgy allow to receive rods of molybdenum the most different sizes, which You can purchase from us. Rods are a special billet for the manufacture of bars, wires and sheets.

Tungsten powder

Tungsten — solid refractory metal dark gray, 74th element of the table of D. I. Mendeleev. Among various products of this metal (wire, sheet, circle) is of great importance powder, which is essential to all known filaments used in light bulbs. Tungsten is irreplaceable as an alloying additive for heavy-duty steel and also resistant to high temperatures and wear-resistant alloys. Tungsten carbide is the main component of hard alloys of the type VK.

Tungsten carbide

WC is a chemical compound of tungsten heavy with carbon. The main property of this material is very great strength that is retained at extremely high temperatures.
This material is used as the basis in the manufacture of the hard alloys. Of all the used alloys is necessary to select the alloy of a number VK, specifically VK8 and VK6, the Price listed in the catalog, make a purchase via the application form on the website. Typically, these hard alloys are obtained by coupling one structure powder metal binder, and carbide powders.

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