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Wire, round, rod, Tellurium Copper 2.1546

Wire, round, rod, Tellurium Copper 2.1546

Technical specifications

The alloying of copper with tellurium makes the alloy resistant to hydrogen embrittlement, and excellent conductivity makes such an alloy a good choice for the electrical industry, especially in those where parts require considerable processing. Adding tellurium to copper facilitates processing and allows the cutting speed to be five times that of pure copper, with significantly less tool wear. In addition, electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and ductility vary slightly from pure copper.

Physical properties (temperature 20 ° C)

  1. Electrical conductivity: 90% IACS
  2. Thermal conductivity: 205 BTU / ft2 / ft / hr / oF


  1. Softening point: about 350 ° C
  2. Hot working: good
  3. Cold working: good


Recommended gas shielded arc, butt weld: resistance Not recommended oxyacetylene, metal-arc welding.


Forgings, products and parts requiring high conductivity, precise machining, corrosion resistance. Connectors and adapters, plugs, intended for all RCA connectors, cables up to 9 mm in diameter.


Typical applications include welding tips, gears, bolts and studs, as well as relay parts.


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