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Molybdenum wire MCH 8 micron - 500 micron

Molybdenum wire MCH 8 micron - 500 micron


Molybdenum wire has a high elastic modulus, low coefficient of thermal expansion, viscosity, hardness, resistance to aggressive environments. These advantages allow to apply it in various fields of modern industry. It has excellent mechanical strength and corrosion resistance. Compared with tungsten — it is half the size, and therefore has a large specific strength (at t° to 1370°C).

Physical quality
The temperature at which the obtained data the features of t°C 20°C
The linear thermal expansion coefficient α [1/°C] Of 4.9x10-6
Density [g/cm3] 10,2
The melting temperature t°C 2620°C
Specific heat at 20 °C [kJ/(kg·deg)] 0,256
The thermal conductivity K [W/(m·K)] 142
Electrical resistivity R, Mhmm2/m 0,054

Chemical properties

Mo is stable in cold alkali, but hot slowly destroyed. It dissolves hydrochloric, sulfuric acids at 80 °C. Nitric acid, Aqua Regia dissolve it only at 100 °C. the Impurities of carbon, oxygen, silicon, aluminum, nitrogen, iron, sulphur, calcium, phosphorus significantly change its properties. The bulk of these impurities increases the fragility. Most harmful of all impurities is considered to be oxygen. If it is contained in a volume 0,0008−0,004%, the low-melting oxides can lead to a sharp increase in brittleness of the material, hindering plastic deformation, especially in the simultaneous presence of carbon with nitrogen. With increasing percentage of oxygen than 0.015%, the processing pressure because of the fragility becomes impossible.


Molybdenum refers to rare earth elements, in its purest form is quite difficult to identify, it is refractory and hard to work — all this affects the high cost of the final products.

The production of wire made of molybdenum

True annealing temperature, ° C The diameter of molybdenum wire
1500−1550 200 — 800 µm
1450−1500 801 — 1000 µm
1400−1450 1001 — 1250 µm
1300−1350 1251 — 2500 µm


Mark Mo Application Group Type Precision production Wire diameter
MRN The inputs of the core with the helix of molybdenum and its alloys, traverse And - Normal 600−2500
MK The core for the manufacture of molybdenum monosperma, hooks, supports, etc. parts of lamps A B To Increased, normal 30−2500 15−400
MCH The inputs, support, cathodes of gas discharge devices, traverses powerful, special incandescent lamps And - Normal 200−2500
Auxiliary spiral And Sun Increased 45−120
Kern spirality for the production of bispira molybdenum And KS Increased 45−300

Quality requirements

Wire, ∅ 0.4 mm is available in black or dark gray, and the wire of larger diameter, usually light gray. In accordance with the technical specifications, not on its surface may be traces of oxidation, grease or other contaminants. The surface must be free of cracks, smooth, and without burrs. Requirements molybdenum wire ∅ 0.5 mm more not so hard, here are allowed burrs, beyond the minimum. In the special tables set forth the rules and tear stretching. Quality wire can withstand spiralization.

The grade of molybdenum Ultimate strength, kgf/mm2 Wire diameter, µm Group Conditional tensile strength of the HS/mg/200mm
MCH-K 173 163 142 15 — 70 71 — 90 91 — 200 A, B 85 80 70
MK 121 200 — 500 And 60
MCH-KS 152 142 121 45 — 70 71 — 90 91 — 200 And 75 70 60


Molybdenum wire has outstanding mechanical strength, refractoriness, corrosion resistance. It is resistant to most aggressive environments, and also in solutions of concentrated alkalis and acids — sulphuric, hydrofluoric and hydrochloric. The lifetime of molybdenum wire is significantly higher than the similar products of other metals. She is very reliable, durable, popular in the most difficult conditions of modern production, is widely used in the nuclear power industry, mechanical engineering, industrial chemistry. It is hardly replaceable in the manufacture of resistance elements for heating furnaces, lighting devices that require high heat resistance. Molybdenum piercing mandrels are used for punching stainless steel seamless pipes and for drilling steel. The most popular brand of wire is grade MCH.

The grade of molybdenum Group The condition of the wire Wire diameter Accuracy class production The purpose of the wire
MCH And Black 20 — 2500 µm 1,2 support, hooks, beams, Plushenko core with the helix
B Purified 20 — 1000 µm at the core of helix, hooks of tubes
In Annealed details vacuum devices
G Purified, annealed at the core of helix, traverse
D Annealed 1 at the core of helix
MRN And Black 600 — 2500 µm 1
In Annealed 600 — 1000 µm
G Purified, annealed
D Annealed 1,2 traverse
MK And Black 200 — 2500 µm 1,2 the inputs to junction with metallic ceramics and refractory glass and other high-temperature parts
B Purified 200 — 1000 µm
In Annealed
G Purified, annealed

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