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Capillary tube stainless

Capillary tube stainless


Stainless steel capillary pipes have a high corrosion resistance, mechanical strength, biological inertness, durability. Chemical resistance allows the use of such pipes in a rather aggressive environments. The greatest resistance have complex alloyed alloys containing a high percentage of Nickel, copper, molybdenum and silicon. Grade with the necessary set of qualities is chosen dependent on the concentration of the aggressive factor, temperature, and other conditions.


The capillary tube is usually made of steel 12X18H10T according to GOST 14162−79. The manufacture of pipes of warm and cold-normalizes GOST 21729−76. Capillary stainless steel tube is hard and soft. Are supplied a certain length (measured, unmeasured) or in rolls upon agreement with the customer.

The length of the pipe produced:

Length marking Length, mm the maximum allowable deviation in length
dimensional Not more than 4000 ±15 mm
random Over 300  
dimensional 4,000 with an allowance of 5 mm on each time ±15 mm
in the bays No more than 160 meters  

At the request of the customer dimensional and dimensional pipes are manufactured in length not exceeding 7 metres.

Standartisied tube wall thickness, outer diameter.

Standardization External diameter, mm Allowable deviation of diameter

wall thickness, inner diameter

for inner, outer diameter

above 0.6 Outside diameter, tolerance is up to 0.01 mm.
for inner, outer diameter Not more than 0.6

-outer diameter — increased accuracy

-wall thickness — standard precision.

— with extreme unilateral deviation in wall thickness, outside diameter


The value of the maximum unilateral deviation allowed within the boundaries of the sum of limit deviations. But you can specify parameters for wall thickness, inner or outer diameter excluding extreme deviations. Not allowed curvature of the tube segment with a length of 1 meter, greater than 3 mm. On request these tube comes without editing, and if its outer diameter to 1 mm, the curvature is not normalized as well as the curvature of the products supplied by revolts or cold-worked condition. However, articles should be no sharp kinks.

Examples of the wording of the order.

Tube nichrome CR20NI80 brand having outer ∅3 mm, wall 0.5 mm, standard precision for wall thickness, diameter, dimensional, length 3500 mm normalized mechanical properties and chemical composition: GOST 14162−79 -3,0 0,5 3500 — CR20NI80

Outer ∅3 mm, high accuracy, with a wall thickness of 0.44 mm and a length of 1.8 m normalized by the chemical. the composition of nichrome: Tube B GOST 14162−79 — 3.0 p 0,44 p 1800 cu — CR20NI80.

Nichrome CR20NI80 brand with internal ∅1.4 mm, wall 0.5 mm, normal precision wall thickness and diameter of random normalized mechanical properties: HV 0,5 1,4 — CR20NI80 — GOST 14162−79.

Same product normal precision wall thickness and diameter, measuring length 3500 mm normalized mechanical properties: HV 0,5 1,4 p 3500 — CR20NI80 — GOST 14162−79


Food, chemical, medical industry. These tubes are in chrome-Nickel alloys 06KH18N10T, 12X18H10T, 09KH18N10T (∅ 0,3 — 5 mm, a wall thickness of 0.1 — 0.3 mm) according to GOST 14162−79; TU14−3-972−79 used in electronics, medicine, instrumentation and piping (gas and liquid) in the aircraft industry and parts of equipments for special applications.

Name GOST, TU Parameters mm Appointment
Extremely thin-walled tubes of stainless steel 10498−82, 9941−81, 14−3-219−74, 14−3-894−79, 14−3-379−75, 14−3-501−76, 14−3-691−78. diameter 4 — 102, wall thickness of 0.08 to 1.8 Instrumentation design in the nuclear, aerospace, aviation industry.
Thin-walled stainless steel pipes with high requirements to surface quality 19277−73, 14−3-197−89, 14−3-760−78, 14−3-796−81, 14−3-550−90, 14−3-769−78, 14−3-770−78, 14−3-1462−87, 14−3-1070−81, 14−159−255−95 diameter 5 — 76 wall thickness of 0.3 — 5 Design of valves and active zones of nuclear reactors, outlines, and heat exchangers cooling of nuclear reactors, oil and fuel lines in aircraft
Pipe heat-resistant stainless and Nickel base 14−8-37−2001, 14−3-571−77, 14−3-946−80 diameter 5 — 76 wall thickness 0,3 — 3 elements of structures and pipelines that work in aircraft at elevated temperatures, in acidic and alkaline corrosive environments, in the production lines of fertilizers, Lakokraska, etc.
The layered and welded austenitic stainless steel pipe 14−3-1318−85 14−3-1780−89 14−3-499−86 number of layers: 2 to 6: diameter 16; 28, the wall thickness of 0,15 — 0,16, number of layers: 2 to 12: diameter 38; 48, wall thickness 0.2, number of layers 2 — 6: 76 diameter, wall thickness 0,25 measuring high-sensitivity (bellows) apparatus, connection hoses in aerospace and aeronautical engineering
Thin-walled stainless steel pipe special purpose 14−3-310−74, 14−3-822−79, 14−3-1711−90 14−3-1797−91 diameter 4 — 120 wall thickness 1.0 to 1.5  
Pipe extremely thin-walled and ribbed of titanium alloy grades PT-7M, PT-1M




diameter 8 — 80, wall thickness of 0.6 — 1.0, diameter 7 — 48 wall thickness of 1.5 — 2.0, chetyrehrjadnye, R. 13x1,5 Power plant and components of aircraft, ships, chemical engineering — piping and structural elements.
Pipes pure Nickel NP-1A-ID 14−3-1591−84 diameter 25 — 76, wall thickness 1,0 — 5,0. Production of caustic soda
Capillary tubes from alloys based on Nickel and stainless steel 14162−79, 14−3-972−79 diameter of 0.3 — 5, wall thickness of 0.1 — 0.3. Medical and electronic industry, instrument-making.

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